Personal Portable Lifts by JLG


December 5, 2008

It™s time to let go of the ladder, and grab onto the LiftPod.  The first-of-its-kind personal and portable lift available in the U.S., the LiftPod by JLG combines the portability of a ladder with the stability of a work platform.

With an enclosed platform and 14-foot working height, the LiftPod provides greater stability than ladders and allows workers to move within the basket, hands-free, helping to increase safety. The platform contains a work tray to carry tools and materials, increasing productivity and quality of work.

The LiftPod is easily portable between sites in a truck, and around the work site on wheels. Each module of LiftPod can be carried and moved by one person, and it can be assembled in less than 30 seconds. It is low maintenance and lightweight; each of the three LiftPod modules weighs about 50 pounds for simple disassembly and transfer.

LiftPod elevation is controlled by a battery-operated drill or an optional battery pack for increased flexibility and affordability. 

Quick Specs

  • Working height of 14 feet
  • Each piece weighs about 50 pounds, and can be carried by one person
  • Can be assembled by one person in less than 30 seconds

Click HERE to visit the LiftPod website

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