PHOTOS: Check out the fun of Fertile Days at Fertile Quarry

Brian Ethridge

September 5, 2014

Fertile Days 2014 were held at Fertile Quarry earlier this month with a ton of fun for kids of all ages. BMC Aggregates sponsored several events at its quarry including rock hunts, kids activities and informative tours.

Pictures from the festival can be seen by clicking through the slideshow below:

Fertile, Iowa, is a small community in north central Iowa and approached BMC about the possibility of holding an open house at the quarry as part of Fertile Days 2014.

“The Mayor and the Fertile Days Committee were very enthusiastic about the possibilities of an Open House at the Quarry and placed this activity at the top of their promotion list for visitors to attend the Fertile Days Program,” Sherman Lundy, Geologist for BMC, said.

The staff at BMC cleaned a ton of the quarry equipment so it could be put on display for visitors during the festival. Kids in attendance had the opportunity to sit inside the big loaders, and collect rock and minerals.

The festival saw over 300 visitors (three times the population of the town of Fertile). As you can see from the many pictures, everyone at the event seemed enthusiastic and kids walked away ecstatic

“Working with kids of all ages, preschool through high school and even into college, we believe ‘Hands on, Minds on,’ activities help to stimulate curiosity about the world around them,” Lundy said.

Not only did kids have a lot of fun, they also learned a lot from the experience.

“As an example, looking at the various kinds of rocks kids want to know the ‘name,’ of the rock which can lead to how that rock was formed and how that rock came to be where they found it,” said Lundy. “Looking for fossils and taking home a plaster cast of a trilobite is an opportunity to help them understand past life forms”

BMC used the experience to show off its work, and maybe recruit some future workers.

“We are not only informing the public of what we do and the products we produce, we are also laying the groundwork for some of these young visitors to consider a career in the Aggregate Industry,” Lundy said.

According to BMC, both kids and adults left 2014 Fertile Days with the same thought on their minds: ““This was great!  We want you to do this Again!”

Fertile Quarry isn’t the first quarry to hold a festival of activities for kids. A former Minnesota quarry recently held an adventurous ice-climbing attraction, and several old granite quarries were repurposed to for an art, music and fire festival as part of RockFire 2014.

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