PHOTOS, VIDEO: Terex Washing Systems showcases new washing equipment

Therese Dunphy

June 25, 2014


Terex Washing Systems (TWS) offered up two new ways to wash aggregates during Hillhead 2014.

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First, it introduced an upsized version of its Aggresand 165 with a new, larger version, the Aggresand 206. The new wash plant boosts capacity up to 400 tons per hour. It includes a 20- by 6-foot screen with two and three deck options.

The plant is designed to be easily transportable. It is pre-wired and preplumbed and features plug-and-play componentry. Isolated spray bars and an HMI control system are additional features of the plant. It sports rolling chutes and rolling centrifugal pumps. Sensors throughout the machine provide information on water pressure, cyclone feed pressure, and electrical power consumption.

[youtube mpYElI8dUe0 nolink]

Next up is the AggreScrub 150. Designed to operate as a standalone unit or in conjunction with the Aggresand, it is engineered to deal with clay bound material which cannot be removed by rinsing or screening alone.

The modular plant includes a web frame chassis design that supports a scrubbing hull, a 6- by 2-foot trash dewatering screen, a 12- by 5-foot two-deck rinsing and sizing screen, and has an integrated sump and pump. Galvanized walkways are said to provide unprecedented levels of access to all areas of the plant.

The control system used on the Aggresand plant has been adapted for this plant as well. Radio control of all main functions is available as an option, as well as remote telemetry, which enables data to be sent to the plant owner remotely, through email or SMS alerts.

See the photos below for an up-close view of the Aggrescrub 150.

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