PITTS Trailer’s REVOLVER: The one-shot coupling system


December 5, 2007

Pitts Trailers incorporates the Revolver lube free upper coupler in their trailers. With the Revolver you can say goodbye to the expensive and irritating ritual of fifth wheel greasing and high maintenance costs. The Revolver upper coupler™s unique design and high tech material eliminate fifth wheel greasing and steel grinding on steel. The Revolver quickly pays for itself with extended tire wear, less kingpin wear and increased life of suspension-related components. And for more savings, it reduces chassis and cab fatigue and eliminates fifth wheel and upper coupler plate wear. In addition, the Revolver coupler adds to the value of your trailer. The Revolver”s upper coupler quiet, low friction, shock absorbing UHMW* disc provides superior handling, and promotes driver comfort. Gone is the thunderous noise of an empty trailer banging on the fifth wheel.

The Revolver upper coupler™s patented design utilizes a UHMW* floating disc engineered as an integral part of the upper coupler plate. The disc is held in place by a stainless steel retaining ring that forms a mechanical seal preventing contaminants from entering the lubricated bearing surfaces.

The unique feature of the Revolver is the ability of the upper coupler plate on the trailer to rotate relative to the disc.

The Revolver coupler performs more efficiently than a fully greased fifth wheel, and its sealed bearing surfaces eliminate the need to grease the fifth wheel plate–ever!

Unlike those disposable slick plates you™ve seen, the Revolver will not bend, fall off or fold over, and is backed by a 10 year warranty.

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