Polydeck Screen media featured in Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush TV series

Kerry Clines

October 24, 2012

Discovery Channel’s hit reality TV Series, “Gold Rush,” which opens its third season on October 26th at 9:00 p.m. EST, will feature synthetic screen media manufactured by Polydeck Screen Corp. of Spartanburg, S.C. Placed on a double-deck vibrating screen, the Polydeck polyurethane media allows “the Hoffman Crew” to more effectively size and separate gold-bearing rock at their gold mining claim located in the Klondike region of the Yukon in Northwest Canada. “Gold Rush” is described as a show that “rekindles the spirit of the American dream” as it documents the adventures that the crew faces when tackling the challenges of a full-scale mining operation.


According to Crew Boss Todd Hoffman, and Rock-Moving Expert Dave Turin, the Polydeck media was chosen for its wear life and reliability. “The top deck takes a lot of abuse from jagged bedrock,” says Hoffman. “This media wears better than steel. We’ve put more than 100,000 yards across it and we expect it to last another season,” says Turin, who is featured along with Hoffman on a video that can be viewed on the Polydeck website at www.polydeckscreen.com/goldrush.


“Our employees and their families love to watch ‘Gold Rush,’ and we are thrilled to have Polydeck products chosen for this educational and entertaining program,” says Polydeck President Peter Freissle, who had the opportunity to meet with the Hoffman Crew at the recent MINExpo show in Las Vegas. Hoffman sought out Freissle at the show to discuss the use of Polydeck media on portable trommel screens needed for mining applications in Central America during future programming. 

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