Polydeck Screen to unveil new scalping solution at AGG1

Kerry Clines

January 4, 2013

Polydeck Armadex screenPolydeck Screen Corp. will unveil its revolutionary new product line of screen media at AGG1 in March. The line, called Armadex, has been specially designed for extreme-duty scalping applications. What makes Armadex unique is the proprietary manufacturing process, called BIM (Binary Injection Molding), which is used to make the screen sections. BIM technology incorporates a two-step process which puts the company’s premium natural-rubber blend under extreme pressure, resulting in a higher density, longer wearing panel. Sections are available up to 4 inches thick and in sizes up to 48 inches by 96 inches. The BIM process also allows customization options not available in traditional bolt-down screen media. The Armadex product line is backed by the same level of service, support, and performance guarantees that Polydeck products are famous for.

Stop by Booth 1312 at AGG1 to see Armadex for yourself.



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