Port Ludlow operator fined $20,000

Brian Ethridge

July 16, 2014

Port LudlowThe Washington Department of Ecology has hit Mason Quarry with a $20,000 penalty for illegally discharging surface water. The illegal activity at the Port Ludlow site known as “Shane Quarry” negatively impacted nearby wetlands, properties and roads.

“We regularly offer technical support and guidance that helps businesses comply with laws designed to protect the environment as well as their neighbors,” said Rich Doenges, a manager in the Water Quality Program in Ecology’s Southwest Regional Office. “However, when that support does not translate into improved practices, Ecology will consider issuing penalties and orders to achieve compliance.”

Inspections discovered muddy water being discharged without any permits or monitoring. The discharge affected several adjacent properties including creeks and nearby roads.

If companies have no choice but to discharge pollutants, they are required to have the proper sand and gravel permits to do so.

The permits also control the discharge of muddy water.

Mason Quarry chose to ignore several warnings – beginning in April 2011 – regarding their illegal discharging. In addition to the $20,000 fine, the operator has received the following orders:

–  Fix any damage caused by the runoff, erosion and sediment by Aug. 31, 2014. This includes removing sediment from sites adjacent to the quarry and restoring wetlands.

–  Submit an erosion-control plan.

–  Get a sand and gravel permit to insure the company is using the right practices for discharging surface water safely.

Mason Quarry may appeal the fine and/or order within 30 days to the Pollution Control Hearings Board.

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