Prevent summer accidents: Don’t trespass

May 31, 2013

As the weather gets warmer, more quarry sites are likely to experience increased cases of trespassing.

That’s because, according to Indiana Public Media, people use the quarries as parks or pools, an action that Lawrence County Sheriff Sam Craig said causes injury to trespassers.

In recent cases in Indiana, several injuries and deaths have occurred in on-site reservoirs, where people have slipped and fell in or dove in and hit a ledge. Some injuries may also occur from jagged rocks or liver power lines.

Indiana Limestone Company Manager Mark Bryant told WBIW the company uses gates with chains, locks and fencing in addition to large stones and warning signs to prevent trespassers. However, “people still run through the gate and fences with their vehicle and cut the locks,” he said.

In response to recent quarry injuries, Craig is urging people to stay out of quarries.

Additionally, Ohio has an annual campaign to prevent deaths and injuries resulting from quarries.

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