Proccess Performance Optimization System


May 26, 2011

“Automation Systems” in the Aggregates Industry are usually control systems limited to start/stop, feed rate and overload control. Our Real-time Management Interface provides an enhanced process control environment based on many years of operating and design experience.  We focus on optimizing profit by reducing operating cost and increasing production of saleable products.  Utilizing belt scale data to measure loading and yield, we provide data to a control system or an operator enabling process adjustment to be made in real-time.  Results are re-measured and re-adjusted until optimal performance is achieved. Our Measurement and Reporting Systems can be interfaced with any process control or automation system and are web accessible from any computer and on many mobile devices. Performance data and utilization histories are maintained for each operating mode substantially enhancing the accuracy of budgeting, re-forecasting, sales sourcing and capital evaluation decisions.

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