VIDEO of the Week: Processing rock at New Harvey Sand

Kerry Clines

December 15, 2017

New Harvey Sand plant

This week’s video shows material being run through the processing plant at Martin Marietta‘s New Harvey Sand plant near Des Moines, Iowa. When the raw material reaches the processing plant, the rock is separated from the sand and is dropped into a log washer, where the clay balls are broken up and the mud is taken out. Then, it goes to a vibrating screen that divides it into three different sizes — 2-inch septic gravel, 3/4-inch gravel, and pea gravel — which are sent to separate stockpiles for sale to customers.

After watching the video, be sure to read all about New Harvey Sand in the November issue of Aggregates Manager.


VIDEO of the Week: Washing sand at New Harvey Sand

This week's video was taken at Martin Marietta's New Harvey Sand plant near Des Moines, Iowa. At the processing plant, sand is run through a ...

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