Product of the Week: Atlas Copco Green Line underground loaders

Therese Dunphy

August 29, 2013

RO-AM0813-AtlasCopco-EMT50Atlas Copco launches a suite of seven underground loaders and trucks that use electricity as the primary power source.

The Green Line, it says, is designed to help underground mines address challenges including energy efficiency, carbon emissions and environmental footprints. Underground mine trucks include the EMT35 and the EMT 50 (pictured), with respective loads of 35 and 50 tons.

Designed to be twice as fast as any diesel truck of similar size, the manufacturer touts the trucks as the “world’s most productive trucks.”

By using electricity, energy consumption is reduced by up to 70 percent. Regenerative braking returns energy to the grid meaning that about 30 percent of the energy consumed up a ramp is regenerated going back down.

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