Product of the Week: Cat 834K wheel dozer

Therese Dunphy

May 1, 2014

Cat 834K Wheel Dozer working in coal mine, C830186

The Cat 834K builds on the machine’s nearly 50-year history with a completely new cab, drive train refinement, new monitoring and diagnostic features, new safety features, and structural enhancements.

Available blade types include straight, universal, semi-universal, and coal, ranging in capacity from 10.3 to 29.0 cubic yards.

The 496-horsepower Cat C18 engine is available in three configurations, including Tier 4 Final, Tier 3 equivalent without after-treatment, and Tier 2 equivalent without after-treatment.

The Cat 4F/3R planetary power-shift transmission features a new Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Shifting system, which is designed to provide greater momentum through shift points, enhancing performance and saving fuel.

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