Product of the Week: Cat 990K wheel loader (VIDEO)

Therese Dunphy

June 5, 2014


Cat’s new 990K wheel loader offers more power and increased payload for improved productivity and fuel efficiency.

It features a redesigned cab that delivers a sleek operator interface and quiet environment, as well as several features to promote operator and maintenance technician safety and performance.

Designed as a loading tool for the 773, 775, and 777 trucks, it has a rated payload of 17.5 tons, up from its 16.5-ton predecessor, the 990H. New Performance Series Buckets promote fast filling and full buckets; they are available in sizes ranging from 11.25 to 13 cubic yards.

The Cat C27 ACERT engine powers the unit and delivers an 11-percent increase in power compared to the earlier model. New power of 699 horsepower helps increase production without a corresponding spike in fuel consumption.

Additional fuel-saving features include ECO Mode (on-demand throttle), engine-idle shutdown system, and engine-idle kickdown/auto-resume mode.

Caterpillar |

Watch the video below to see the 990K in action at a field follow site in Ste. Genevieve, Mo.

[youtube 2M6yPB0CkkI nolink]

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