Product of the Week: Flexco Flex-Lag Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Therese Dunphy

January 9, 2014


Flexco introduces its new Flex-Lag Medium Ceramic Pulley Lagging. The pulley lagging features 39-percent tile coverage and complements its Full Ceramic and Diamond Ceramic lines.

Flex-Lag can be used in dry, wet or muddy applications where slippage can occur. Horizontal grooves in the lagging trap and deflect water and debris, while the molded ceramic buttons grip the belt’s underside for positive traction and no slippage.

It is available in strip widths ranging from 35 to 101 inches to match pulley face widths or 18 to 84 inches to match belt widths.

The lagging works with pulley diameters over 12.6 inches.

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