Product of the Week: Geith Generation 3 hydraulic quick coupler

Therese Dunphy

May 8, 2014

Geith G3 Quick Coupler

The new Geith Generation 3 hydraulic quick coupler is said to provide operators with a safe, simple, and durable design that allows quick changes of attachments.

Featuring four independent safety components, the double locking, fully automatic quick coupler configuration complies with the impending safety standards set forth by ISO/FDIS 13031:2013(E).

The front safety lock retains the attachment in the event of improper link/rear pin connection, while the front safety lock and the mechanical secondary rear safety system independently retain the attachment in a working position should a loss of hydraulic power occur.

It also features a hydraulic cylinder check valve, as well as a patented “curl to release” control system for safe attachment engagement and release.

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