Product of the Week: Hydro-Clean washing system from W.S. Tyler

Therese Dunphy

July 11, 2013


W.S. Tyler’s Hydro-Clean washing system is now available on a chassis for easy movement from place to place within a quarry or even from site to site.

The portable unit is designed to effectively clean deleterious material from aggregate, recycled and other minerals, resulting in cleaner products with higher selling values, particularly in clay-heavy material deposits.

The washing system uses up to 75 percent less water than traditional washers and 15 percent less energy. Water consumption ranges from 27 to 211 gallons per minute, depending on application and model size, compared to log washers that can require up to 800 gallons per minute. Energy usage ranges from 34 horsepower on the smallest unit to 300 horsepower on the largest.

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