Product of the Week: VEI Millennium 5

June 6, 2013


VEI has introduced the updated Millenium 5 model loader scale, which offers more data management capabilities and uses less loader cab space than previous models.

The Millenium 5 resembles VEI’s Helper X model and features a high-definition color display with automatic brightness control, high visibility and a compact, easy-to-read layout of load data.

An articulated bracket allows the operator to swivel the compact display for the best view, while the redesigned keypad features the Millennium’s familiar four-button operator control with new raised buttons that the operator can feel while wearing gloves. The keypad has numeric buttons and a row of function keys.

The system’s USB data transfer port allows the operator to pre-load the Millenium 5 with basic load management details, including up to 30 product names and 10 operator IDs, as wells as customers’ names and addresses. The operator can update the data as needed using the keypad.

USB data transfer is included as standard for daily, weekly or monthly exports of all logged loading data to a Microsoft Excel file or similar spreadsheet application.

The Millenium 5 has faster microprocessors and advanced algorithms that increase precision on rough terrain, compared to previous models.

The companion VPrint thermal printer, which can be attached beneath the display monitor or mounted separately, is also available, as is an upgrade to Helper X capabilities.

RMT Equipment represents VEI loader scales in North America.

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