Product of the Week: Stingray Mobile Shiploader from Superior Industries

Therese Dunphy

June 27, 2013


The Stingray Mobile Shiploader, from Superior Industries, is the company’s latest solution to help shiploading applications reduce downtime at ports and terminals.

Because repositioning a ship loader’s feed point or loading hopper cuts off the material flow from loader to ship and creates downtime, the company focused on reducing the number of times a feed point needed to be moved, as well as increasing the speed of relocating the feed point.

Each unit is manufactured with expanded mobility packages at both the feed-point or tail of the conveyor and at its radial or drive tires, allowing for rapid relocation from hold to hold. A slight arch to the conveyor’s structure allows it to maintain a tight clearance between the conveyor and the deck of the vessel, reducing the shiploader’s drop, which reduces dust while preserving material integrity.

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