Proposed asphalt plant faces NIMBY-ism in Colorado

June 13, 2014


Residents near the site of a proposed asphalt plant in Buena Vista, Colo., don’t want the site to come to fruition, according to a report from The Chaffe County Times.

Hard Rock Mining and Redi-Mix requested a zoning change that would rezone the property from residential to industrial, allowing the companies to operate an asphalt plant in the area. According to the report, the city’s Planning Commission previously rejected the rezoning request. The report also notes that the county commission has sent the matter back to the Planning Commission to consider the property for commercial zoning.

Neighbors are particularly concerned about the smell of asphalt that would be produced at the plant.

According to the report, just a few weeks ago the city repaved a “once-dusty gravel stretch” of road with asphalt. As the report notes, “that asphalt had to come from somewhere.”

(Note: NIMBY means “not in my backyard.” It’s often used when a group of people want or need a product but don’t want it produced near their homes.)

There is no word yet on when the Planning Commission is expected to decide on the request for commercial zoning.

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