Proposed mine in Minnesota earns permit recommendation

March 19, 2014

(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)
(Photo: Björn Rehder / Flickr)

The Renville County Planning Commission in Minnesota has recommended granting an interim use permit to Duinick Inc. for a proposed hard rock mine in Prinsburg, Minnesota, Prairie Business reports.

The proposed mine would sit on a 39.5-acre site.

The county’s Board of Commissioners still needs to approve the proposal. The Board’s approval would allow the site to operate through 2034.

The commission’s recommendation has 27 conditions, including several on hours of operation, dust control and road maintenance.

Additionally, the company would be required to protect two small wetlands that sit on the property.

The report notes that the company will reclaim the site as a wildlife area after mining operations end.

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