Proven performance for Cat’s new large mining trucks

Kerry Clines

November 1, 2009

Caterpillar introduced its new F-Series large mining trucks — the 793F (shown) and 797F mechanical drive trucks, and the 795F AC electric drive truck. The company says its two mechanical drive trucks have accumulated more than 75,000 hours of field testing and have proven their performance capabilities and durability. The 795F AC electric drive prototypes, which are being tested at the Tucson Proving Grounds, will enter a new size class for Caterpillar.

RO51-Cat truckThe new trucks feature the Cat C175 16-cylinder diesel engine, which meets U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions standards. The company says the new engine promises longer life between rebuilds, lower sound levels, improved altitude capability, and improved fuel consumption compared to the 3500 Series engines it replaces.

The 793F boasts a faster speed on grade to deliver 5 to 10 percent more productivity than the 793D. The new cab features enhanced ergonomics and easy-to-access controls for improved operator comfort and increased efficiency.

The new class size of the 795F AC offers customers more options by filling the gap between Cat’s large and small haul trucks. Four-corner blended retarding allows safe, fast downhill speeds, increasing operator confidence and machine control.

Ground-level access allows easier servicing and improved safety on the 797F. The truck’s increased horsepower provides a faster top speed to shorten cycle times and increase productivity.

Truck Specifications

                                                       793F                                 795F AC (electric)        797F                         

  • Engine                            C175-16                          C175-16                         C175-20
  • Power                             2,650 hp                          3,400 hp                         4,000 hp
  • Emissions                     Tier 2                               Tier 2                               Tier 2
  • Fuel System                  Common Rail                Common Rail                Common Rail
  • Displacement               5,187 cubic in.                2,187 cubic in.               6,469 cubic in.
  • Empty Oper. Wt.            329,220-375,000 lb.     535,300-570,300 lb.     555,560-617.913 lb.
  • Gross Oper. Wt.            851,000 lb.                     1,257,000 lb.                  1,375,000 lb.
  • Nominal Payload          250 tons                         345 tons                          400 tons
  • Weight Dist. empty)      52 percent                      52 percent                      56 percent
  • Weight Dist. (loaded)   67 percent                      67 percent                      67 percent
  • Top Speed (loaded)     37 mph                           40 mph                            42 mph
  • ROPS                              Meets ISO 3471:1994  Meets ISO 3471:1994  Meets ISO 3471:1994
  • Operator Sound            76 dB(A)                          76 dB(A)                          76 dB(A)

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