Public hearing addresses deeper mining, new conveyor permits for Lehigh

May 3, 2013

Lehigh is requesting permission to mine deeper limestone deposits.

Representatives from the Maryland Department of the Environment, Army Corps of Engineers and Lehigh Cement Co. joined together at a public hearing in New Windsor, Maryland, last night to answer questions regarding proposed permits for Lehigh, the Carroll County Times reported.

The public hearing was scheduled to address permits that would allow Lehigh to mine deeper limestone deposits at its New Windsor quarry and to build a conveyor system that would transport the limestone from the New Windsor quarry to the company’s Union Bridge facility.

Digging deeper would allow Lehigh to produce 12,000 tons of limestone a day over a longer period of time than the company is capable of now.

In order to mine deeper, Lehigh needs a permit that will allow the company to expand its mineral resource area from 283 acres to 535 acres. The permit would allow Lehigh to mine limestone at its New Windsor quarry for 70 years.

The proposed conveyor system would be 4.5 miles long and completely enclosed.

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