Put safety first!

Therese Dunphy

August 8, 2012

Throughout the last several years, it has been increasingly common for aggregate workers to wear multiple hats. With fewer mine employees, some operations have opted for fewer specialists and more generalists. And while it’s a great idea to have employees who can run the scale house or hop in the loader, it’s equally important that those employees know how to do each job safely.

In late July, a 49-year-old miner with just 18 weeks of experience was killed at a portable crushing operation. According to the Mine  Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), he was standing on the discharge end of a 150-foot stacker belt conveyor, greasing the head pulley, when a co-worker started the conveyor. The victim fell off the conveyor approximately 50 feet to the ground below. Read the fatalgram and review the best practices here.

Lock-out and tag-out are safety practices that every miner should be trained on and use in their day-to-day maintenance practices. It’s not a new concept, it’s a very basic one. 

Whether it’s a new miner coming to the site or an experience miner in a new role, make sure they know not only how to do the job, but how to do it safely!

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