Quarry site was lake in Triassic times

Brian Ethridge

July 31, 2014

uncovering virginia museum of natural historyScientists are claiming a former Virginia Solite quarry in Cascade, Va., used to be a huge lake in the Triassic era, roughly 250 millions years ago. That would explain why so many fossils of prehistoric life have been found in the area throughout the years.

The quarry is the only place in the world where complete fossilized insects from the Triassic period have been discovered. Countless insects, plant and freshwater fish fossils have also been discovered in the area throughout the years.

All of the ancient reptile species, and most of the fish species, discovered at the quarry have no living relatives.

“A lot of the flora and fauna (from the Triassic era) look very much unlike what you see today, but insects from then and today look similar,” Alton “Butch” Dooley, curator of paleontology for Virginia Museum of Natural History said.

A lot of the fossils found at the former quarry can now be seen as part of the museum’s “Uncovering Virginia” exhibit.

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