Quarry workers give up Christmas party to help the homeless

Kerry Clines

January 3, 2017

Photo: This is Lancashire
Photo: This is Lancashire

Quarry workers from Ramsbottom-based MA Crushing and Screening in the United Kingdom asked their boss to use the money set aside for their Christmas party to buy food and sleeping bags for the homeless instead, according to a report in This is Lancashire.

“At this time of year, we usually have a fun Christmas event for the team, and we had been planning to go go-karting in Manchester, but when the boys told me they would rather help the appeal I was overwhelmed with their offer of kindness, quarry managing director Mark Aspin told the news agency. “We matched their funding and purchased more than £500 (approximately $523 US) worth of supplies. We are proud to have been able to help this local charity and, in a small way, helping highlight the efforts that have been made by this group over many years.”

The appeal Aspin spoke of was the Christ church Baptist- Methodist and neighborhood center’s charity appeal to help the homeless over the Christmas holiday. Not only did the quarry workers buy the supplies, they delivered them to the church as well.

“It feels good to help people who need it,” quarry foreman Darren Tomkinson told the news agency. “Look at people like us, we have everything, and look at people like them, they don’t have anything. To do something like this is not just a big achievement for me and for our company, but also for the people who it is for.”

Steve Bailey from Porch Boxes food bank charity said the donations were critical. “This is vital,” he told the news agency. “I used to think it was free food [for people] who can’t be bothered, but I have seen these are working people, made redundant, who can’t put food on the table. These are lads who have got families of their own who have given up their bonuses and their time to come down and help these people.”


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