R 75S+ – Another First for RUD-Erlau


March 21, 2008

Following the recent completion of a three year expanion and modernization programme of its Aalen, Germany, tyre protection chain (TPC) production facility. RUD-Erlau has delivered and installed two full sets of the world™s largest TPCs. Called the R 75S Plus the TPCs have gone into service in Europe and North America.

In Europe the R 75S Plus are protecting all four 52/8057 tyres on a CAT 994 loading limestone.  The other machine to be shod with R 75S Plus is a giant LeTourneau 1850 working iron ore in North America.

RUD-Erlau is proud to retain the ‘world™s largest™ title last claimed in 2004 when, in Japan, the front wheels of a Komatsu WA 1200 were  fitted with a pair of TPCs providing full tread and side-wall protection against jagged rocks. In both instances, RUD-Erlau”s R 75S Plus has been specified for the excellent abrasion protection qualities that have made RUD-Erlau world leader with 65% of the TPC market.

Weighing 4800kg apiece, the R 75S Plus has the same close-meshed structure as the recently introduced Fels X-19 TPC which, with it™s 19mm links, promises 30% more service life in highly abrasive underground applications.

Whether the requirement is for protection from abrasion, piercing or fire, or traction on ice or clay, RUD-Erlau has a set of TPCs to match the application.

Independent figures show that fitting your loader tyres with RUD-Erlau™s TPCs on not only dramatically reduces tyre costs but also significantly boosts profitability through assured plant availability.

As with all RUD-Erlau TPCs, on-site support for the R 75S Plus will be available 24/7 from time-served RUD-Erlau-trained engineers.

For facts and figures call  Francesco Di Gusto, Product Manager , RUD-Erlau AG, Erlau 16,73431 Aalen, Germany T:+49 7 361 595 3496, F: +49 7361 595 3214, http://www.Erlau.com. francesco.digiusto@Erlau.com

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