Rail Transportation Solutions (rail cars)


June 24, 2009


Tealinc, Ltd. is a rolling stock (railcars and locomotives) operating lessor, transportation consultant and railcar broker. Our operating lease business allows us to put assets to work in structured leases to fit our customers direct revenue stream and business plan. Our brokerage business consists of buying and selling railcars and locomotives while generating income for sellers and providing economical rolling stock (railcars and locomotives) to buyers.

With over 70 combined years of service within the rail industry, our consulting business allows us to reach informed conclusions by analyzing information and working interactively with our clients to reach favorable conclusions. We work hard to find positive rail transportation solutions for our clients and look forward to earning your business!


Company Name Tealinc, Ltd.
Website www.tealinc.com
Telephone (720) 733-9922
Fax (720) 733-9966

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