Rainmode Drilling Corporation core drilling


June 19, 2012

Raimonde Drilling Corp. continues to provide exploration core drilling services for aggregate producers throughout the central United States.  Our drilling fleet has been used extensively for such projects.  With nearly 100% recovery in most formations, our wireline coring setup has allowed us to drill down to almost 1100-feet with excellent recovery.  Using both HQ and NQ sized tooling; our drill has been used extensively for mine expansion and greenfield studies.  Excellent recovery, coupled with quick setup, more efficient drilling, and angle capabilities, our coring proficiency has helped our clients conduct investigations that are time critical, providing more sample, faster.  Founded in 1971, Raimonde Drilling provides exploration  drilling utilizing core drilling, sonic drilling and production blast hole drilling for the aggregates market as well as various other services for the environmental, geotechnical, and construction industries.

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