RAMCO’s Slab Buster reduces/eliminates need for additional hammers


May 10, 2012

Having more tool options can reduce or eliminate the need for additional hammers or rental equipment.The RAMCO Slab Buster is the professional’s tool of choice for the demolition of bridge decks, heavy foundations, airport runways, etc.

Conventional tools not only wear faster but also can spear bridge decks and foundations, resulting in broken tools. The Slab Busters unique striking face is larger, up to twice the shaft diameter, allowing for concrete to be broken easily and effectively in depth, width and length. It’s shattering effect works great for loosening concrete from rebar. An experienced operator can be off the job in half the time. Used properly, the Slab Buster not only gets the job done at an accelerated pace, but is much more kind to your hammer. In addition, common operating faults such as blank firing and prying that lead to tool failure can be drastically reduced. Using the correct tool for the right application can turn a marginally profitable job into a real money maker.

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