Rare Dinosaur bone found in Colorado quarry

Brian Ethridge

July 28, 2014

apatosaurus dinosaurMygatt-Moore quarry has hit record books after discovering a 6-foot-7, 2,800 point dinosaur bone. Scientist are calling the fossil an apatosaurus femur, and it’s the largest ever found anywhere.

It was a groundbreaking discovery because the bone likely belonged to a creature that was 80 to 90 feet long, which is 15 to 25 feet longer than the average size.

Digging up the gigantic fossil was no easy task. Crews spent five years excavating the leg bone. When it was first discovered there was just a small piece of bone exposed; nobody had any clue how big it actually was.

Scientist believe the apatosauras was a herbivore that typically grew up to 69 feet long.

“You may have heard it referred to by its scientifically incorrect name, Brontosaurus,” the National Park Service said. “This sauropod (long-necked dinosaur) was discovered and named Apatosaurus, or ‘false lizard,’ because of its unbelievably large size. After Apatosaurus was named, other sauropod specimens were named Brontosaurus. It was later determined that both names actually referred to the same animal, Apatosaurus.”

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