Rare dinosaur skeleton found in quarry sells for more than $544,000

December 3, 2013


A dinosaur skeleton that was found in a quarry near Wyoming has sold in the U.K. for £400,000 (equal to about $544,120), according to a report from Free Radio.

The 19-foot-tall skeleton once belonged to a diplodocus, which BBC Earth’s “Walking with Dinosaurs” describes as “a massive plant-eating dinosaur… with an impressively long whip-like tail and neck.”

The sons of palaeontologist Raimond Albersdoerfer found the remains mostly intact in 2009 in a quarry near Wyoming in the U.S. The family recently auctioned the skeleton in Billinghurst, West Sussex, England.

It took experts nearly nine weeks to dig up the remains. The skeleton was then sent to a laboratory in the Netherlands, then to the U.K. for assembly and auction.

Natural history author Errol Fuller told Free Radio the skeleton is a “very rare item” because the bones are difficult to find and difficult to remove from the rock without breaking them.

The skeleton will be on public display, though information about who purchased it or where it will be located has not been released.

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