March 10, 2010

RAP-NY-3-0907-031cAn infrared pre-heating system, specifically designed for heating and drying a variety of aggregate and RAP materials, has been developed by Ray-Tech Infrared Corp. A typical system is composed of multiple heating units; the number being determined by the specific end result desired, i.e. moisture removal/increase in temperature of the material. The Heaters are mounted, in series, above the conveyor system carrying the aggregate material, designed to be placed over the conveyor belt in close proximity to the product on the belt. The length of each heater unit is 8 feet and can accommodate the width of the belt being used.  Each unit of the system is completely self – contained and can operate independently. The system is supplied with a centrally located control panel, so each unit can be controlled from one location.

The Ray-Tech designed stainless steel infrared energy converter, which is used in this system, has had many years of use in Ray-Tech’s standard equipment line. The durability and dependability is unequaled in the Infrared Industry. The infrared heating rays are created by pre-mixed gas and air delivered under pressure to a series of energy converters. The heater unit is a single system, designed to be operated in a horizontal or angled position.

The system is designed and fueled by propane (vapor withdrawal), and is powered by a 115 volt AC source. The operating controls for each heating unit are located at a central control station, so that each can be turned on, ignited and turned off independently from one location.

There will be a mixer/agitator (of various design) placed between each Heater (or as needed) which will turn-over material on the belt to expel moisture and facilitate more rapid heating and drying.


There are many possible applications for heating to a variety of temperatures, as well as drying aggregate with varying moisture content .Presented below is a typical system with resultant facts that we have established thus far:

Seven heaters are placed over two conveyors (two on the first conveyor and five on the second) with 40″ wide belts; with the rollers under the belt designed to provide a 30″ wide flat area in the center.

Material:   ½” minus wet limestone approximately 30 ” wide by 4″ deep on the belt.

Belt Speed:   160 FPM producing approximately 170 ton per hour.

Temperature:       Going in at 50 to 70° F.

Going off the top belt at 120° F average plus.

Fuel:              Propane Consumption was 45 gallons per hour per system (7 units).

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