Rein Quarry expansion considered in Minnesota

June 5, 2013

Rein Quarry is located in Fillmore County (point A) (Photo: Google Maps)
Rein Quarry is located in Fillmore County (point A) (Photo: Google Maps)

The Fillmore County Board of Commissioners in Minnesota last week considered a conditional use permit that would allow Rein Quarry to expand its sand mining operation from 18.36 acres to 50 acres, Republican-Leader reported.

Rein Quarry submitted the application for the permit at the board’s April 23 meeting. The board determined the quarry would need to complete no additional environmental impact studies beyond the Environmental Assessment Worksheet.

The County Planning Commission previously approved the permit at its last meeting.

County Zoning Administrator Chris Graves recommended the board approve the expansion.

Graves told the board that about 120 trucks would travel on County Road 10 and County Road 37 to State Highway 43 and I-90 each day to haul silica sand to Winona.

Fourth District Commissioner Duane Bakke recommended the county use data gathered in the Minnesota Department of Transportation evaluations, which are completed every four years, to evaluate the County Road 10 on a regular basis.

Among conditions included in the conditional use permit are:

  • The operators would not be allowed to wash or process mined silica sand on-site.

  • The operators would not be allowed to use on site or bring back to the site any flocculants or other chemicals

  • Reclamation of the first 25 acres mined would be required prior to mining the second 25 acres.

  • The mine would be held to all state and federal changes to air quality standards.

  • The mine cannot be closer than 100 feet to any groundwater or water table.

  • Operators would not be allowed to sell natural materials from the site.

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