Reliable Air, Durable Compressor Kaeser’s M64 rolls onto the scene


May 21, 2010

Introducing Kaeser’s M64 Mobilair™ portable air compressor! The durable M64 is suitable for all outdoor applications including sand blasting and pavement breaking, as well as general air tool use. Featuring a Sigma Profile rotary screw airend that produces more air with less horsepower, these units provide 225 cfm at 100 psig.

As a member of the Mobilair family, the M64 is versatile and user-friendly. Units include a large fuel tank and easy-to-read control panel with a push-to-load switch. The M64 is also super-soundproofed and offer excellent road handling. The proprietary anti-frost thermostatic control valve avoids tool freeze-ups, while the high efficiency cooling system allows for operation in ambient temperatures up to 120°F.

For more information on how the M64 will meet your outdoor application needs or serve as portable backup for your electric compressor, please call 800-777-7873 or visit us at

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