Residents push for new mining regulations in Sullivan, New York

May 7, 2013

Quarry RoadAs a decade-long legal battle about a proposed quarry in Sullivan, New York, comes to a close, local residents are pushing for a six-month extension on a moratorium on new mining activity, 9WSYR reported.

The town has passed two moratoriums on new mining activity. An extension would allow the town more time to draft new mining regulations.

The most recent draft requires developers to have 50 acres of dedicated mining operation space that is located at least 500 feet from the nearest property line. It would also require public meetings to be held on applications that the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) approves.

The residents are pushing for changes because of concerns about safety, water quality, heavy truck traffic and more.

However, quarry developer Thomas Oot said the addition of the quarry is justified by new residential construction in the area, pointing out that construction of each new home uses about five truckloads of crushed stone. The new quarry would reduce the distance operators have to haul the material.

“We’re looking at rising fuel prices. We’re look at carbon emissions. We’re looking at all the taxing on the environment that is done by the trucks that deliver the stuff,” Oot told the news station. “If you add that up, it is worse than having it in close proximity to you.”

Oot said he is waiting for a special use permit, which would allow operations to begin within just a few weeks.

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