Rice Lake TradeRoute legal-for-trade onboard scale

Kerry Clines

January 28, 2013

RiceLake TradeRoute onboard scaleRice Lake’s new TradeRoute legal-for-trade onboard scale allows drivers to bypass local truck scales and conduct business directly to and from their payload, printed ticket and all. It operates solely from a parked position where hydraulic power is used to engage the scale. Unlike other onboard designs, TradeRoute’s load cells support the vehicle’s load only during the weigh cycle, eliminating the potential for premature load-cell wear from constant engagement. The scale is designed to install around the frame of many common straight-truck designs using a combination of frame-hugging weigh modules, a stainless-steel junction box, and a weatherproof control center that houses the weight indicator and ticket printer.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems; www.ricelake.com/traderoute.

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