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The Rip-N-Pin is a rear-mounted, pivotally-secured bucket attachment that adds ripper versatility to excavating while totally eliminating the need for changeover. (commonly called an excavator ripper or backhoe ripper) 

Its unique free-swinging design provides aggressive ripping for severe conditions, increasing production and extending bucket life. It does not impede normal bucket operations in either pinned or ripping position, allowing you to alternately rip or pick up with a simple curl of the bucket without loss of time changing from bucket to ripper.

The Rip-N-Pin Excavator Ripper comes in a variety of sizes from the new 500” and 1000” series for mini-excavators, to the 610 pound 3000” model for large excavators. Coupler or With-links bucket models come without housing. Universal models with housing can be mounted in single or multiple applications. Replaceable bushings and Hensley teeth on all models. The Rip-N-Pin provides the muscle your rubber tire backhoe, or mini or large excavator needs for rock shale, sandstone, blacktop removal, root systems, permafrost, frozen or other severe subsoil conditions.  

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