Road restrictions may stop quarry construction in Kentucky

May 20, 2013

Ditmore Ford Road (highlighted) is one of two roads affected by the Franklin County ordinance. (Photo: Google Maps)
Ditmore Ford Road (highlighted in red) is one of two roads affected by the Franklin County ordinance. (Photo: Google Maps)

The Franklin City Commission in Kentucky on Monday unanimously adopted an ordinance restricting the type of vehicle traffic that can travel on Kenneth Utley Drive/Ditmore Ford Road, which may prevent Charles Deweese Construction from constructing a rock quarry nearby, Bowling Green Daily News reported.

The ordinance allows only residential traffic, recreational traffic on Ditmore Ford Road to and from the community park and noncommercial traffic to use the road. The ordinance grants exceptions for licensed waste haulers, school buses and other heavy vehicles exempted through certain state laws.

Penalties for violators will include up to $500 fines or up to 90 days in jail.

Deweese last year proposed a quarry on Ditmore Ford Road, where the company owns 87.67 acres of land. The quarry would be used to mine rock for use in road and agricultural projects.

Shortly after proposing the quarry, the Franklin-Simpson Zoning Board of Adjustment granted the company a conditional-use permit.

However, Deweese has since been unable to obtain state state permits from the Department of Natural Resources due to efforts, such as last week’s ordinance, to limit traffic on the road.

The ordinance follows the formation of “Neighbors Against the Quarry,” a group of residents near the proposed quarry site who argue Ditmore Ford Road cannot handle heavy trucks such as those that would regularly enter and exit the quarry site. The group has also expressed concern about how blasting and quarry dust will affect Drakes Creek, located nearby.

American Engineers in Glasgow has evaluated the road and last year concluded that current conditions–like pavement conditions, narrow width and inadequate support for crossing Drakes creek–on Ditmore Ford Road will prevent the road from supporting commercial traffic.

Deweese officials said the quarry is necessary for the company to compete for highway construction projects and help the local economy.

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