Rock-Breaking Work Made Easy

Tina Grady Barbaccia

January 5, 2011

Check out this line up of hydraulic breakers and hammers that can get the job done quickly and easily.

by Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Modular maintenance

Allied Construction Products, LLC designed its new Rammer m-Series hydraulic impact hammers with a three-component modular design — housing module, impact module, and tool module — which allows each module to be maintained or rebuilt separately. The company says additional features include adjustable impact energy, Constant Blow Energy (CBE), and a high power-to-weight ratio with a heavy piston delivering more impact energy. Hammers are available in two models — Model 14 (1,000 blows per minute) and Model 18 (800 blows per minute).

Atlas Copco

High performance per ton

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC says its new HB 3600 fits perfectly with the 35- to 63-metric-ton carrier weight class, delivering 46 percent more performance per ton of service weight and offering a 30-percent higher efficiency compared with other hydraulic breakers in that class. The company’s Power Adapt system automatically shuts down the breaker in the event of excessive oil pressure from the carrier, then returns it to normal once the overflow is corrected, preventing damage to the breaker’s internal components and providing protection against oil-flow complications that can arise when attaching the breaker to different carriers.


Powerhouse breaker

Breaker Technology, Inc. says its BXR160 is a powerhouse hydraulic breaker designed for rugged, continuous duty in demanding applications. At 16,000 foot-pounds, it offers an extra-long stroke design for improved power-to-weight ratio, providing a wide 120,000 to 220,000 pound carrier range, says the company. The breaker also features large cross-section upper and lower shock absorbing isolators for reduced vibration feedback to the carrier; a front-head restraint system that reduces loading to the tie rods and upper portion of the breaker; and precise tolerances between the piston and cylinder for high efficiency, blow rate, and power.


More productivity, less downtime

Caterpillar Inc. says its H180Ds hydraulic hammer is designed to deliver superior breaking productivity and to minimize downtime through a number of innovative features. Features include a larger piston and tool for a 15-percent increase in productivity; an 8,600-pound weight to match Cat’s 345C and 365C hydraulic excavators; an auto shut-off feature that turns the hammer off when no material is present and extends reliability and durability by reducing high stress levels caused by blank firing; a heavy-duty suspension system that reduces shock loads; and heavy-duty tie rods for increased performance.

Chicago Pneumatic

Built to last

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools says its line of hydraulic breakers is built to last and features an efficient sound and vibration damping system. The CP-Lube, an automatic lubrication system attached to the breaker box, supplies the breakers with grease. The line of 12 breakers range in size from 95 to 4,200 kilograms and are suitable for use with carriers ranging from 1.3 to 75 metric tons.


Limited lifetime warranty

Huskie features a line up of 12 hydraulic hammers suitable for a full range of carriers — skid-steer loaders, loader backhoes, and excavators up to 130,000 pounds. Modular construction provides for easy field maintenance. The company says it offers an industry-exclusive limited lifetime warranty on major components.


Largest breaker

Indeco North America says its HP25000 is the largest hydraulic breaker in the world and can handle tools with diameters over 10 inches. The breaker is 10 feet, 10 inches tall; has an operating weight of 24,370 pounds; and has a reinforced housing for added durability on job sites. It has an MBMB foot/pound class rating of 25,000, giving the machine a breaking ability that the company says far exceeds any other hydraulic hammer on the market. The breaker is designed to fit large, mobile machines weighing from 135,000 to 330,000 pounds.


Reduced noise level

Kent Demolition Tools says its large series hydraulic breaker, the KF 22 Qt, is designed to accommodate work environments that demand a reduced noise level. The breaker is encased in a one-piece enclosure to protect critical components, and has higher back-head pressure and a larger piston diameter for a 20-percent increase in impact energy over previous models. The patented dust intake prevention system prevents dust from entering the front head during piston upstroke, improving the life of the piston as well as the working steel and bushings.


Vibration control

NPK Construction Equipment, Inc. says it designed its hydraulic hammers with features that include excellent power-to-weight ratio, a unique gas-charged piston for efficiency, an air line for underwater use, bottom tie rod nuts for easy servicing, a quick-change tool system with a single round retainer pin, replaceable cylinder sleeves for easy rebuild, and tool bushings engineered for quick replacement. The breakers offer vibration control for increased operator comfort.


Hard-hitting breakers

Stanley Hydraulic Tools’ EXS Stealth Mounted Breakers are available in models ranging from 1,500 to 12,000 foot-pounds of impact energy. The company says the breakers offer noise suppression features, a narrow profile, enclosed housing, an armored lower end, and are light weight, making them the hardest hitting breaker in their class. Each breaker’s power cell is suspended in a system of bumpers and wear plates to prevent damage to the carrier. The breaker housing is double strength at the lower end to stand up to tough working environments. Noise suppression features make the breakers some of the quietest on the market, says the company.


Low cost, high production

Surestrike International, Inc. says it offers low cost, dependable, high-production breakers ranging from 10,000 to 75,000 foot-pounds of single energy. The breakers feature a low initial cost, a simplistic design that promotes low maintenance costs, and no vibration as well as low hydraulic requirements for increased carrier life, says the company. The breakers mount to excavators weighing as little as 30,000 pounds.


Heavy-range hydraulic breaker

Tramac’s V1800 is for carriers from 44,100 to 77,200 pounds and has an operating weight of 3,913 pounds. The breaker is 5.5 inches in diameter and features an operating pressure of 2,394 pounds per square inch, a flow range of 37 to 58 gallons per minute, an impact energy class rating of 6,000 foot-pounds, and an impact frequency range of 310 to 500 blows per minute. The principal wear parts are field-replaceable without dismounting the breaker from the carrier or removing any tie rods. The company says its variable-speed breaker technology senses changes in material hardness and automatically adjusts the breaker to the optimal combination of impact energy and strike rate.

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