Rollouts April 2010

Brooke Wisdom

April 1, 2010

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

 By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


RO50-VolvoHigh-production, fuel-efficient wheel loaders

Volvo introduced its new F-Series wheel loaders at AGG 1. According to the company, they are tough, reliable, fuel-efficient, and designed and built for optimal machine and operator performance. The Tier 3-certified engines’ environmentally friendly technology provides high torque at lower speeds, allowing the engine to operate with low levels of noise and exhaust emissions. Engine features include a Volvo-designed and manufactured drive train and hydraulic system, automatic power shift, and an intelligent load-sensing hydraulic system.

The loader’s new OptiShift, with patented Reverse by Braking, automatically assists the machine’s deceleration by applying the standard service brake when the operator uses the gear selector control for changing direction of operation from reverse to forward or forward to reverse. Less load stress on the torque converter and transmission is said to cut fuel consumption by up to 12 percent over company models without OptiShift.

Other features include a patented T-linkage, lift-arm system that puts all the power and flexibility of the wheel loader in the hands of the operator and an ergonomically designed machine operator’s cab (Care Cab) with improved sound and vibration dampening.

The L150F and L180F are highly maneuverable to perform fast cycles in stockpile loading, yet have enough power to handle hard material and rock loading, says the company. The L150F has a breakout force of 41,520 pounds and a bucket capacity of 5.2 cubic yards; the L180F has a breakout force of 48,270 pounds and a bucket capacity of 6.0 cubic yards.

The L220F (shown) is the toughest of the F-Series line with a breakout force of 50,470 pounds and a bucket capacity of 7.1 cubic yards. Volvo says it is designed for extremely rugged work conditions, yet is easy to operate and provides smooth handling.

All three wheel loaders are 95-percent recyclable and are designed for optimal performance with minimal environmental impact. Tier 3-certified V-ACT engines reduce emissions without reducing power, while internal exhaust systems reduce NOx emissions by lowering combustion temperatures.

Specifications                             L150-F                          L180-F                            L220-F

Engine                                         Volvo D12D LD E3      Volvo D12D LA E3        Volvo D12D LB E3

Max. power                                  1,400-1,700 rpm         1,400-1,600 rpm           1,600 rpm

SAE J1995 gross                       282 hp                           315 hp                             350 hp

ISO 9249, SAE J1349 net         280 hp                           314 hp                             347 hp

Breakout force                            41,520 lbf                      48,270 lbf                        50,470 lbf

Static tipping load, full turn       33,690 lb                       40,260 lb                        45,750 lb

Buckets                                        4.1-15.7 cu. yd.            4.8-18.3 cu. yd.               5.9-18.3 cu. yd.

Operating weight                        50,710-57,320 lb.       57,320-63,930 lb.          66,140-77,160 lb.


RO52-ScreenMachineTracked, portable crushing plant

Screen Machine Industries says its new JXT jaw crusher, featured at the show, is loaded with great features such as a Universal Engineering jaw crusher, a Caterpillar C-9 Tier III diesel engine, fully remote-controlled movement/operation, and heavy-duty quality. The unit is track mounted and features blockage clearance and automatic tramp iron relief capabilities. Other features include a directionally reversible, 42-inch-wide conveyor with impact bed and multiple catwalks and access doors for ease of maintenance.

RO51-SuperiorPortable overland conveyor

Superior Industries introduced its new patent-pending Trailblazer Portable Goundline at AGG 1. The 500-foot portable, overland conveyor is designed to be towed from site to site and set up within about an hour. The unit comes fully belted with drives and a gravity style take-up built into the trailer structure. A fifth-wheel hitch, brakes, and directional lights allow the conveyor to move easily from quarry to quarry, and it requires only a small crew for set up. To see a video of set-up and take-down of the portable conveyor in action, go to

RO53-InertiaBuilt for tough conditions

Inertia Machine highlighted its new 5066 Tracker primary impact crusher at the show. The crusher is built rugged to handle the toughest conditions, says the company, yet is versatile with a removable quad axle on 72-inch spacings for ease of transportation and tracks for site mobility. The plant’s impactor features a 42-inch-high by 64-inch-wide feed opening that can produce up to 700 tons per hour of material.

RO56-TecweighGenerator wheel for scales

Tecweigh introduced its new GenTec Generator Wheel at the show, which provides power for belt scales, processors, and radios. The wheel has a battery mode to provide power during installation and maintenance. It will accommodate any belt speed, generates power when the belt is traveling in either direction, and can be used in portable plants or to replace long cable runs in permanent installations.

RO55-LibraSelf-service ticket kiosk and print terminal

Libra Systems Corp. introduced two new items at AGG 1 — the self-service kiosk and remote printer terminal. The Libra self-service kiosk allows more truck traffic at the scale without increasing costs. The kiosk frees scale house operators, reduces data entry and ticket errors, reduces in-yard times, quickly and automatically identifies trucks, and controls truck flow.

The remote printer terminal is designed to increase truck throughput by keeping the driver in the truck. The printer retracts the ticket into an internal box if not taken. Take a look at this video at

RO54-AggregateInnovatorsPrevents blinding on screens

The Blinding Buster screen cleaner from Aggregate Innovators, LLC, was designed and built by quarry workers at Duff Quarry in Huntsville, Ohio, to address the problem of blinding. The unit, which can be set up in less than an hour, consists of a motor assembly and control assembly. The motor assembly comes standard with a 20-foot 3/8-inch chain that can be cut to any length or extended to accommodate all screen sizes, horizontal or vertical. The chain is dragged back and forth across the screen, preventing the build up of material. The unit, which is safe for vibratory and high-frequency screens, is wired for 110-volt alternating current, but can be converted to 12-volt direct current for portable plants. If you didn’t see the screen cleaner in action at AGG 1, check out this video at


fiirst-productAggFlow program via Internet

BedRock Software now offers its AggFlow software program to users via the Internet. As demonstrated at AGG 1, the software’s simulations help improve profitability by identifying inefficiencies and bottlenecks, by assessing the impact of proposed changes or new equipment, and by reducing plant downtime and production errors. The program is available in English, Spanish, and French versions.

belt-scaleBelt scale data collection system

ConveyWeigh’s new BeltPro 3000 belt scale data collection system, introduced at AGG 1, works with input from any conveyor belt scale. The unit collects and displays data — date, time, total, rate, speed, and load — from up to eight conveyor belt scales on one PC display running Microsoft Windows. The system includes belt scale input modules, a PLC control system, and a computer interface module.

smooth2Smooth, quiet conveyance

Metso says its new vibratory feeders provide smooth, quiet conveyance action. Available in variable or fixed rate, the feeders have no belts to maintain and no springs to tune or air gaps to adjust. They come with above-, below-, or side-mounted drives and trough lengths, as well as designs to meet customers’ needs. A twin-motor conversion kit is available to replace old, noisy, worn-out electromagnetic or natural-frequency drives on existing vibratory feeders and screens.

RO59-TerexFinlay694Four-way split screen

The Terex Finlay 694+ tracked, inclined, four-way-split screen features a large 20-foot by 5-foot, triple-deck screen box. The screen box features quick wedge tensioning, access holes, and a bottom-deck hydraulic tensioning system. All four discharge conveyors are adjustable and hydraulically fold for transport. The fourth-product, oversize-plus conveyor has variable tilt and side slew for recirculation and stockpiling.

RO61-KPI-JCIPortable conveyors

The new Roll-Pack series of portable conveyors from KPI-JCI can be quickly transported and unloaded to provide 210 feet of conveyors in minutes. When it’s time to relocate the system, simply restack the three units with the standard built-in roller system and move it to the next site. The series is available in 60- and 70-foot lengths and 30- or 36-inch belt widths.

RO63-RockmoreWithstands tough rock drilling

Rockmore International says its new ROK Series DTH hammer product line — the ROK 875 — features a new design that reduces the number of hammer components and increases drilling efficiency. Its streamlined design features SonicFlow technology, which optimizes airflow by simplifying the air path. The unit is built to withstand the toughest rock drilling conditions with a solid piston design made from case-hardened material. The 8-inch-diameter hammer accepts industry standard drill bits with 16-spline Ingersoll Rand QL8/QL80 shank.

RO62-TerexFinlay-I-130RSCrusher with detachable sizing screen

Terex Finlay’s new I-130RS tracked impact crusher incorporates a Cedarapids 1313 impact chamber with hydrostatic drive and electronic control system. The machine features a quick-detach, 12-foot by 5-foot, double-deck screen for sizing and recirculating oversize material back to the crushing chamber. The large hopper features a variable-speed pan feeder and independent pre-screen with constant RPM for optimum separation, even if feeder speed is reduced.






Crusher with detachable sizing screen






Terex Finlay’s new I-130RS tracked impact crusher incorporates a Cedarapids 1313 impact chamber with hydrostatic drive and electronic control system. The machine features a quick-detach, 12-foot by 5-foot, double-deck screen for sizing and recirculating oversize material back to the crushing chamber. The large hopper features a variable-speed pan feeder and independent pre-screen with constant RPM for optimum separation, even if feeder speed is reduced







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