Rollouts August 2010

Brooke Wisdom

August 1, 2010

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Washes aggregate using less water

W.S. Tyler says its new Hydro-Clean washing unit cleans aggregate while reducing water consumption by up to 75 percent over traditional log washers. The unit uses high-pressure nozzles rotating at 90 revolutions per minute to spray up to 90-percent recycled water on material with pressures up to 2,900 pounds per square inch. Its compact size and weight allow it to operate at lower costs than traditional washing systems.

The washing unit removes silt and clay particles as small as 63 microns and can process up to 400 tons per hour, depending on model size and application, according to the company. Where a traditional washing system can require up to three screens along with a log washer or screw, the Hydro-Clean unit requires only one additional wash screen for discharged materials.

Dirty material is fed via a hopper to a vertical washing drum where high-pressure nozzles mounted at the top rotate and spray the material with water, breaking up agglomerates and cleaning the particles of stubborn material. As material travels down the drum cylinder, turbulence in the drum creates additional scrubbing and abrasive forces that enhance the cleaning process. The high-pressure streams of water are injected into areas of the rock that are difficult to reach, resulting in a cleaner product. Washed material exits onto a discharge conveyor that leads to a standard wash screen, which removes any remaining dirt or clay. The resulting dirty water flows through polyurethane screen mesh in the sides of the washing drum and is collected by a waste water pipe, which sends the water to a treatment system.

The Hydro-Clean uses very little water and power. According to the company, water consumption ranges from 27 to 211 gallons per minute, depending on application and model size; and power requirements are no higher than 300 horsepower (225 kW) on the largest model. The unit is available in four model sizes that produce 20 to 400 tons per hour, depending on the application.

Larger screening area

Sandvik says its new QE440 scalper boasts 40 percent more screening area than its predecessor the QE340. The machine’s two stockpiling conveyors are wider and higher, to handle increased production capacity and larger stockpiles. The unit features a total scalping area of 18 by 6 feet/16.5 by 6 feet, is capable of being fed by large crushers, and is fully tracked for on-site mobility. Other features include a heavy-duty crusher-type chassis, global aftermarket support with standard stock parts, fuel economy, low operating costs, and massive stockpiling capability.

Fuel efficient, meets emission standards

Doosan introduced three new crawler excavator models — the 14-ton DX140LCR with a reduced tail swing of just 4 feet, 10 inches and a 12-foot track length; the DX235LCR with near-zero tail swing of 5 feet, 6 inches and an operating weight of 53,572 pounds with standard boom, arm, and 1.2-cubic yard bucket; and the DX350LC with more engine horsepower yet good fuel efficiency. The DX350LC (pictured) also features a turbocharged 466-cubic inch engine; an operating weight of 77,603 pounds; 54,012 pounds of breakout force; a standard bucket capacity of 1.95 cubic yards; standard arm reach at ground level of 36 feet; a dig depth of 24 feet, 2 inches in an 8-foot level trench; and a lift capacity over front at a 20-foot radius of 27,540 pounds.

Load-sensing hydraulic system

Hyundai says its new HL770-9 wheel loader features a new load-sensing hydraulic system, fully automatic power shift transmission with variable shift control, multi-stage clutch cut-off, integrated payload system, auto-reversing cooling fan, large cab with improved visibility, air-ride seat with optional joystick steering, a 5.5-cubic yard bucket, and integrated rear-view backup camera. Serviceability has been improved with large, removable house doors designed for easy access to coolers and engine components. Access ladders have large steps with a 20-degree incline for safer access to the cab. The machine also features a GPS-capable satellite system (Hi-Mate) to keep the operator/fleet owner up to speed on all machine functions, fuel efficiency, and diagnostics through an online portal.

Powerful and productive loader

Doosan launched its new Tier 3-compliant DL420 articulated wheel loader. The 49,163-pound machine is powered by a 659-cubic inch, 6-cylinder turbocharged Cummins QSM11 electronically controlled engine. The Z-bar lifting system provides a standard

bucket breakout force of 47,210 pounds for higher stripping force and good productivity. The machine offers four forward speeds ranging from 4 to 23.6 miles per hour, and three reverse speeds ranging from 4 to 11.4 miles per hour. Other features include a 5.2-cubic yard bucket; a static tipping load of 39,432 pounds at maximum reach with a straight frame; a height at bucket pivot point of 14 feet, 3 inches; a dump height of 10 feet, 2 inches; a dump reach of 4 feet, 2 inches; and a turning radius at bucket edge of 22 feet, 11 inches at the maximum steering angle of 40 degrees. The machine also features a vehicle control unit that optimizes loader performance by controlling engine, transmission, and hydraulic system variables.

Road portable screen

Grasan says its new road-portable inclined screen plants are available in standard and custom designs and feature high mobility, fast set up, and long service life with minimum maintenance. Screen sizes range from compact 5-foot by 12-foot, 5-foot by 14-foot, and 6-foot by 16-foot to 6-foot, 7-foot, and 8-foot by 20-foot models. Larger sizes are available. Screens feature crowned screen decks, spring or wedge side tensioning, feed boxes and discharge chutes with wear liners, and an easily removable chute assembly for maintenance. Plants are mounted on tandem or triple-axle trailers equipped with fold-up support legs, 5th-wheel kingpin hitch, dual heavy-duty tires, air brakes, signal lights, and mud flaps.

Ready to weigh

Cardinal Scale’s EPR+ Plus Truck Scale arrives fully prepared for installation and includes factory-assembled DB 75,000-pound stainless-steel load cells standard. Each scale bridge features interconnecting load blocks and receivers for an efficient, no-bolt installation. Rodent protection is standard throughout the scale. A wide selection of EPR+ Plus capacities, platform sizes, and types are available.


Efficient portable crushing

Powerscreen says its Pegson XA750 is one of the most technologically advanced and efficient jaw crushing plants on the market, setting the standard for next generation heavy-duty track mobile jaw crushers. The machine is fitted with a hydraulically driven pan feeder and live pre-screening unit with a bolt-in cartridge-style grizzly section to remove fines and sizes prior to crushing. An unrestricted feed opening of 55 feet by 32 feet prevents bridging and maintains consistent feed to the Terex WJ55 single-toggle jaw crusher. Other features include a hydraulically adjustable product conveyor with a 13-foot, 1-inch discharge height; a modular hopper that can be removed for transport; and two-speed tracks for maximum site mobility. The product conveyor can be raised and lowered hydraulically during operation and for transport or maintenance.

Special articulation system

Doosan says its Moxy MT41 articulated dump truck offers high horsepower per ton of loaded weight, a free-swinging rear tandem bogie, and a special articulation system for outstanding productivity and driving performance. The truck’s 444-horsepower Scania diesel engine provides a power-to-weight ratio of 6.38 horsepower per ton and an 82,010-pound payload capacity. Other features include permanent six-wheel drive, independent front-wheel suspension for better traction, a sloping body for low center of gravity, a fully automatic transmission with six forward and three reverse speeds, and a top speed of 32.9 miles per hour in high range and 21.1 miles per hour in low range.

Economical on-site mobility

Superior Industries’ new Single-Wheel Drive conveyor mobility option offers greater flexibility for mobile in-pit conveyors operating in conjunction with a mobile crusher. It also delivers mobility for bin or bunker loading operations and small rail or barge loading facilities. The drive is designed for radial travel at the base of the conveyor. Operated manually or via an optional wireless remote system, the unit is easily steerable. The unit hydraulically lifts for storage under the conveyor.

Expanded breaker size range

The HB 2000 and HB 4700 heavy hydraulic breakers round out Atlas Copco’s range of HB breakers to cover modern excavator sizes. The HB 2000 has a service weight of 4,409 pounds and offers 10 percent more power than its predecessor, the HB 2200. The HB 4700 has a service weight of 10,362 pounds. Both breakers offer features such as VibroSilenced System, AutoControl, ContiLube II System, StartSelect, and the optional DustProtector, as well as the PowerAdapt system that shuts down the breaker when oil pressure exceeds maximum input value.


High-horsepower haul truck

Terex says its new TA300 articulated truck boasts the highest horsepower and torque in its class and is the only 30-ton hauler that comes standard with a fully independent front suspension system. The truck features a 385-horsepower, Tier 3-compliant Cummins diesel engine; a ZF fully automatic transmission with manual override; a maximum torque of 1,309 foot-pounds at 1,400 revolutions per minute; and a 100-percent differential locking action that enables the truck to tackle challenging grades and extreme site conditions with ease.

Easy-to-read display

Rice Lake’s LaserLT remote weight display has a five-button keypad that can remotely change units, gross/net, tare, zero, and print. The large 1½-inch display is fully adjustable for effortless viewing at up to 50 feet. The unit is daisy-chainable for linking multiple units to a single indicator/controller and installs easily with any electronic weight indicator or peripheral equipment using fiber-optic, Ethernet, or wireless methods. Six easy-to-read enunciators and an added red and green stop/go feature boost communication and expand versatility.

Visual blade-wear gauge

Flexco’s new conveyor belt cleaner, the Rockline EZP-LS Limited Space Precleaner, is a compact version of the company’s current precleaners — the low-profile design boasts the same material path options, and visual tension check. The belt cleaner also features a visual blade-wear gauge built into the tensioner. The 4.5-inch-high blade features the patented, faceted ConShear blade profile that allows the blade to renew its cleaning edge as it wears, and the one-pin blade replacement feature is said to allow easy servicing.

Floating conveyor

TCI Manufacturing’s new floating transfer conveyors are designed to work with the company’s bucket dredge. The conveyors are built with a swivel point for dredge movement and a radial-type receiving hopper. Other features include a head-end turn style, head-end discharge hood, and a catwalk and handrails around the head end and down the drive side of the conveyor.

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