Rollouts December 2011


December 2, 2011

Increased power/decreased fuel consumption

Komatsu America Corp. says its new PC390LC-10 hydraulic excavator is powered by a Tier 4 Interim Komatsu SAA6D114E-5 engine designed to be more environmentally friendly and increase power while decreasing fuel consumption. The machine has an operating weight of 89,072 pounds and boasts improved hydraulic efficiency, improved operator comfort, simplified maintenance, and a large undercarriage design that increases lift capacity. It comes standard with the Komtrax fleet monitoring system and includes Komatsu CARE complimentary factory scheduled maintenance for 2,000 hours or the first three years, whichever comes first.

Improved performance

Doosan Infracore Construction Equipment says its new DA40 articulated dump truck is the first in a new family of Doosan ADTs offering increased engine power and torque, higher payloads, lower fuel consumption, enhanced operator comfort, and faster travel speeds. The truck is powered by a six-cylinder interim Tier 4-compliant diesel engine with a gross power output of 500 horsepower at 2,100 rpm, offering a 10-percent increase in engine power and an 8-percent decrease in fuel consumption compared to previous MT41 models. Said to be “best in class” in the ADT market, the truck offers a 22-percent increase in gross torque to 1,750 pound-feet at 1,300 rpm. The new transmission offers eight forward speeds and four reverse speeds, with a top speed of 36 miles per hour. The truck has an increased body capacity of 31.9 cubic yards, and the payload has been boosted to 40 metric tons without a tailgate, an increase of more than 15 percent over the MT41. Permanent six-wheel drive offers equal power distribution, while the free-swinging rear tandem bogie and special articulation system offer great driving performance in difficult terrain. A new hydro-gas front suspension ensures a smooth ride. Independent front suspension allows free movement on one side without movement on the other side, providing maximum ground contact and shock absorption. The articulation hinge is positioned behind the turning ring to provide equal weight distribution and ensure maximum front wheel contact with the ground.

Increased productivity, fuel efficiency

The new D155AX-7 crawler dozer from Komatsu America Corp. is powered by a SAA6D140E Tier 4 Interim engine rated at 354 net horsepower. Komatsu says it matched the dozer’s automatic transmission with the engine to achieve exceptional productivity while maintaining the same excellent fuel economy as the model it replaces. The dozer has an operating weight of 87,100 pounds and features the SigmaDozer blade with a new auto-blade pitch function. Standard features on the new cab include a 15-percent larger heated air-ride seat, cab mounts that reduce shocks and vibration, a 7-inch LCD monitor that displays machine information, and a rearview monitoring system. The dozer is equipped with the Komtrax fleet monitoring system.

End-to-end performances

Volvo Construction Equipment says its new BL60B and BL70B backhoe loaders provide end-to-end performance. The machines feature an average operating weight ranging from 17,500 to 19,500 pounds and gross power of 83 to 98 horsepower. The loader arm has a box-welded design and is reinforced with a cross tube. The large excavator boom has a narrow, tall arch design and allows great visibility. The cast-iron kingpost offers flexibility of movement and swing. The machines are fitted with two floor-mounted ergonomic levers — the right lever is fitted with a horn for safety, and the left can have an optional fingertip button to control the two-way auxiliary hydraulic line.

Pinpoint weighing accuracy

Superior Industries developed a brand new conveyor belt scale that the company says is designed to produce precision measurements. The scale is built with two, independent load cells and is available in two models — WB and HD. The WB model, with an accuracy rating of 1.0 percent (+/-0.5 percent), features independent weigh bridge brackets and accommodates multiple belt widths. The HD model is built with a continuous weigh bridge for increased accuracy and structural integrity and boasts an accuracy rating of 0.5 percent (+/-0.25 percent). Both models are designed for material handling up to 2,000 tons per hour.

Bin monitoring systems

BinMaster Level Controls has several new products available. BinView is a machine-to-machine cloud-computing inventory management solution that allows businesses to monitor inventory in their bins, tanks, and silos over the internet. 3D MultiVision (pictured) is a Windows-based inventory management software for the 3DLevelScanner that enables users to view data for multiple bins in a single window. The Pro Remote capacitance probe offers the ability to mount a sensor’s electronic components up to 75 feet away from the sensing probe.

Predictive diagnostics

Mettler Toledo says its new Pinmount PDX weigh module, an enhanced version of the Pinmount weigh module, features digital Powercell PDX technology that allows true predictive diagnostics of each individual load cell. The Pinmount PDX’s built-in predictive system monitors the load cell and alerts the supervisor if a potential problem arises. The microprocessor inside each load cell continually adjusts the weight signal to compensate for environmental factors and provides accurate weighing regardless of the effects of temperature, linearity, hysteresis, and creep. Safety-related mechanical features are present in duplicate.

Explosion-proof motors

The new XP100 explosion-proof motors from Siemens Industry, Inc. are UL and CSA listed for gas and dust ignition-proof environments and are suitable for Division 1, Class I, Groups C&D, Class II, Groups F&G, hazardous area classifications. The motors are also available for drill rig duty in Division 1, Class I, Group D hazardous locations. They are available from stock with 1 through 300 horsepower and modifiable to specific customer needs.

Fleet management software

Telogis says its new Fleet 9 GPS-based fleet management software features new configuration capabilities that make usability and reporting intuitive. It boasts new asset security and management features to further protect the use and operation of high-value assets. The software supports a variety of vehicle and equipment types and integrates seamlessly with Telogis Route, Telogis Progression, and Telogis Mobile to provide strategic routing, real-time work order management, telematics, and mobile integration on a single platform.

Tier 4i generators

Multiquip’s new line of WhisperWatt 150 to 400 generators has advanced Tier 4i engines with select model availabilities. The portable power generators are fueled by advanced diesel engines that include diesel particulate filters, as well as a cooled ERG and air-to-air after cooling. The generators are also variable geometric turbocharged.

Designed for heavy-duty use

Atlas Copco’s XAS 750 JD7 Tier 4a-compliant rotary screw, portable compressor generates 750 cfm of free air delivery and 100 psi at normal working pressure. The compressor is powered by a 200-horsepower John Deere six-cylinder diesel engine. The electronically controlled, water-cooled engine consumes 8.2 gallons of fuel per hour at 100-percent load. The engine is installed in a new canopy and frame similar to the previous model, so the footprint remains the same.

Multi-purpose telescopic trailer

Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.’s new multi-purpose 55-ton hydraulic detach telescopic trailer adapts to a variety of loads as its telescopic deck extends from 30 to 50 feet. Its versatile spread-axle capabilities allow a 2+2 or a 3+1 configuration, and its tandem axle features connections for a third axle that can be flipped or removed. The unit is also equipped with connections for a future fourth axle. The trailer is engineered with a pinned and hinged gooseneck extension that can be flipped.

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