Rollouts February 2011

Brooke Wisdom

February 1, 2011

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

Constant chokefeeding maximizes production

The new Terex Cedarapids CRC380HLS portable crushing and screening plant’s design is said to allow the cone crusher to be constantly choke fed, maximizing production capability. The high-lift screen and cone hopper overflow system allow a large head of material to build up to force feed the cone crusher, which increases throughput. The large cone hopper and overflow chute buffer feed variations and prevent material from backing up to the screen, which allows production rates to stay at peak levels with no need to throttle back. A gross throughput of up to 1,200 tons per hour is possible, according to the company.

500-ton-per-hour production

Con-E-Co Co., an Oshkosh Corp. company, says its new 58-foot-long, single-axle mobile conveyor is available in either a rail radial or individual plant-supported configuration to meet individual customer needs. The non-folding unit’s 30-inch-wide belt provides 500-tons-per-hour output, according to the company. The 11-foot, 6-inch by 11-foot, 6-inch receiving hopper is mounted onto the conveyor during transport for easy shipping.

Cost-effective safety

Asgco says its Safe-Guard return idler cage provides a cost-effective, durable solution for guarding needs. The cage is designed to catch the return idler to keep it from falling onto workers or equipment, preventing injuries and down time. Its open-slot design prevents material buildup. It is easy to install and remove for belt maintenance, using the mounting kit provided, which includes beam clamps, links, and adjustable chains. The cage is available in various sizes to fit most belt conveyors.

Engineered for higher energy per blow

Tramac says its new V4500 heavy breaker was specifically engineered to provide a higher energy per blow. With an impact class of 13,000 foot pounds, the breaker fits carriers ranging from 99,200 to 176,400 pounds and has an operating weight of 9,921 pounds. The tool is 7.5 inches in diameter and 29.7 inches long. Other features include blank-firing protection to prevent metal-on-metal contact, a pressure regulator valve to prevent overpressure and accidental overflow, reinforced suspension to absorb vibration, an automatic pressure regulator to ensure constant operation despite variation in flow or temperature, an automatic frequency adaptation system, an energy recovery feature that captures rebound energy for the next blow, and an automatic greasing system.


Abrasion-resistant slide gate

Vortex Valves says its new Titan Series abrasion-resistant slide gate features gravity flow with a dust-tight seal. The gate is framed with a carbon steel channel and features live-loaded, wear-compensating seals that prevent materials from escaping into the bonnet area of the gate. The gate uses easily accessible, hardened-steel, cam-adjustable rollers instead of blade guides. A wide selection of gate positioning controls, position indication switches, and flanges make it easy to adapt the gate to a system. Gates are available in standard sizes from 6 to 30 inches with custom square or rectangular sizes up to 72 inches and larger.

Upgrade to flowmeter line

Universal Flow Monitors added a transmitter to its lubrication flowmeter line. The three variable area lubrication meters in the line (SN, MN, and LL) now have compact, non-contact magnetically coupled transmitters instead of potentiometers that can easily wear out. The meters monitor the rate of oil flow to keep gears, bearings, drills, and mills functional. The LL piston-style meters, used in aggregate production, are designed for flows from 0.25 to 20 gallons per minute, with a full-scale readout accuracy of +/-5 percent. All of the flowmeters are said to be easy to install, operate, and maintain.

Breaker with nitrogen gas-assisted operation

Doosan says its new DXB170H hydraulic breaker features nitrogen gas-assisted operation for improved efficiency. The 3,572-pound breaker delivers up to 600 blows per minute and is designed for use with excavators in the 18- to 28-metric-ton weight range. Rated in the 5,000 foot-pound impact energy class, the breaker requires a hydraulic flow rate between 26.5 and 39.5 gallons per minute. Tight tolerances in the manufacture of the pistons and cylinders eliminate leaks and jamming and guarantee full interchangeability of replacement parts, according to the company. Other features include a patented hydraulic dampening system said to prevent blank-fire damage, an energy recovery system said to increase strike power using energy generated by piston rebound, a patented main valve design said to reduce hydraulic pressure peaks, as well as a suspension system that extends boom life by absorbing harmful vibrations and stress waves.

Web-based workforce management

Mentor Engineering says its new mobile workforce management solution, Mentor Fleet, delivers automatic vehicle location, GPS, vehicle telematics, driver behavior monitoring, reporting, and maintenance capabilities. The software is made up of several integrated modules that each serve a different function in improving operations, lowering costs, and increasing overall efficiency.

Dust control

NaEx Corp. says its SD605 dust control product is an economical water-applied complex copolymer that contains a patented super surfactant that allows for deep penetration into the dust bed and soil for the control of dust from haul roads, concrete products manufacturing, soil stabilization, and more. When applied with water, it develops a hardened surface with deep penetration of 10 to 14 inches in heavy dust conditions. After the first application of SD605, the company says only an occasional maintenance application is required to maintain proper product level in the dust bed. The product is available in 2.5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, and 300-gallon totes.

Attachment brooms for easy cleanup

Case Construction Equipment designed a line of hydraulic angle broom attachments for its wheel loaders. Ranging in width from 96 to 120 inches, the new angle brooms enable wheel loaders to be used to sweep roadways and clean up job sites. Broom models are available for Case 521D and E, 621D and E, 721D and E, and 821E wheel loaders.

Synchronous belt drive system

Baldor Electric Co. says its new synchronous belt drive system uses Dodge HTR and HTRC Tracker belts that feature a reinforced parabolic profile tooth design that allows the belt teeth to sit deeper in the sprocket compared to standard belts. The angle of the belts is said to allow synchronous transmission of power, eliminating slippage and speed variation on high-torque applications. The neoprene rubber belts are manufactured with a fiberglass cord that provides tension stability and prevents moisture from being absorbed.

No-mess oil changes

New Pig Corp. says its new heavy-duty Form-A-Funnel draining tool is the only flexible tool that guides oil from large vehicles and heavy equipment into oil drains for easy, no-mess oil changes. The funnel bends easily to fit into tight spaces, holds any shape, is 22 inches long by 8.6 inches wide, and can be molded around large filters and drains to create a leak-proof seal. The funnel is constructed of a moldable aluminum alloy core encapsulated in thick and pliable nitrile rubber, making it unaffected by temperatures up to 425 degrees and impervious to automotive fluids and chemicals.

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