Rollouts February 2012


February 16, 2012

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Three control options

The new Mustang 2056 Series II skid-steer loader features a Yanmar Interim Tier IV, 68-horsepower, 180-foot-pound diesel engine and a lift capacity of 2,050 pounds over 121 inches when equipped with 12.00 tires and optional counterweight. Overall machine width measures only 59.7 inches with the optional offset tire package. Three control options are available — joystick, hand-foot, and dual-hand — with standard or high-flow auxiliary hydraulics.

Bi-fuel engine

The new bi-fuel, 16-litre Tier 4 Interim engine from Volvo Penta is fueled by a precision blend of natural gas and diesel fuel to provide fuel cost savings and high power density. The TWG1663GE is 100-percent Volvo Penta, with no add-on aftermarket systems required. Natural gas is introduced upstream of the turbo-chargers, and an electronic air valve controls the amount of natural gas mixed. Engine compression ignites the diesel fuel, which in turn ignites the natural gas. Bi-fuel blending and combustion control is integrated into the engine management system.

Next generation boom system

Breaker Technology Inc.’s new high-velocity control (HVC) boom system provides “fly by wire” computer-assisted control, allowing simultaneous dip and hoist functionality. The company says this enables greater production through rapid, smooth motion into and out of the gyratory crusher rock box, thereby increasing the number of truck dumps per hour and overall tonnage through the crusher. The “smart” boom features a higher horsepower electric motor, higher flow-rate pumps with constant horsepower control, high-flow directional control valve, and an electrical boom position feedback for speed and pressure control. The company says the system is easy to use and intuitively responsive to the joystick operation, making it the next generation of boom system.



Powerhouse of hose options

Weir Minerals Linatex is offering new hose options that include a preformed hose bend, a wear indicator system, and an enhanced cut end hose system. The company says the new preformed hose bend is intended as a replacement for hard-walled pipe bends in slurry transfer pipelines, providing wear-life improvement over standard metal pipe. The rubber tube absorbs the energy from moving slurry and returns to its original form while dampening vibrations.

The new wear indicator system provides 24-hour hose monitoring. Unlike other wear indication systems that only check for breaks in the wire, the Linatex wear indicator system is said to sense a change in resistance as measured by ohms, making it an early-warning system for hoses.

The cut end hose has been enhanced by increasing the standard working pressure to 150 pounds per square inch. A new reusable, lightweight-aluminum flanged coupling provides better aesthetics and performance.



Updated skid steers

Gehl’s newly updated 4640E and 5240E Power2 skid-steer loaders are equipped with a new 68-horsepower Yanmar Interim Tier IV diesel engine that produces up to 180 foot-pounds of torque. The skid-steer loaders measure only 59.7 inches with the optional offset tire package. Despite its narrow width, the skid steers can lift 2,050 pounds over 121 inches when equipped with 12.00 tires and optional counterweight.



Delivers prime power

Atlas Copco’s QAS 45 portable generator features a Kubota Tier IV Interim diesel engine and a Leroy Somer, LSA model series alternator, enabling it to deliver 35 kW of prime power. The generator includes a standard multi-voltage selector switch and QC1002 digital control system. The instrument panel enables all key operating functions to be managed without opening the canopy. A 70-gallon fuel tank allows a 24-hour run time. The generator features a Zincor steel enclosure for protection from extreme weather conditions, and its frame is designed to be spillage free to protect the environment.



Tough, reliable gearbox

Rexnord Industries says its new Falk V-Class line of gear drives is designed for maximum uptime and durable performance. According to the company, the latest advances in materials technology, engineering design, and manufacturing processes coupled with innovative mounting and cooling accessories provide a tough, reliable gearbox that outperforms the competition. The housing’s shape and features were designed through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to enhance the drive’s thermal dissipation qualities. The drive incorporates Magnum no-leak seals with oil drain backs and purgeable grease chamber to eliminate oil leaks.

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