Rollouts January 2012


January 7, 2012

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.


Continuous level sensor

BinMaster Level Controls says its new SmartBob-TS1 continuous level measurement and inventory monitoring sensor is designed to prevent the ingression of dust into the electronics cavity to protect critical components and enhance durability. The sensor can be used to measure powders or granular materials in bins, tanks, and silos up to 60-feet tall. It offers a variety of communication options including an optional built-in 900 MHz wireless modem, ZigBee compatibility, RS-485 communications, and 4-20 mA output to a PLC or human machine interface. Individual bin measurements can be sent to the eBob PC software or a control console where measurements can be displayed as distance to product, height of product, and percent full.

V-belt tracking system

ASGCO’s dual-return Tru-Trainer conveyor belt tracker is now available for v-return conveyor systems, such as high-tension overland conveyor systems, which operate with wide conveyor belts to accommodate heavy loads. An external central pivot mechanism was designed, eliminating the need for a single, large drum, and enabling a concentric and balanced rotation, which extends bearing life.

Sets new standards in reliability

ITT Corp. says its new Goulds XHD extra-heavy-duty, world-class lined slurry pump is a next-generation product that will enable mines to move slurry with improved reliability and at a lower operating cost. The pump is designed to be maintained even while running and to require less downtime for servicing. Features include an adjustable suction seal ring that enables adjustment even while the pump is running; a split stuffing box that improves accessibility for easier and faster packing maintenance; a dual impeller adjustment that provides quick, easy access for impeller corrections; a replaceable wet-end cartridge that allows operators to change parts quickly with a unique, tapered impeller shaft; and an i-Alert condition monitor that measures vibration and temperature, signaling users with a blinking red LED when it detects a potential problem.

Controls dust, stabilizes soil

Pennz Suppress D is an emulsified resin product developed by Pennzoil, Co. to safely control dust, stabilize soil, and control silt run off from unpaved roads, construction yards, haul roads, and more. The formula binds particles together to strengthen the soil and is specially designed to work its way down into the soil to maximize the penetration depth. The unique binding agents form a durable, moisture-permeable surface that won’t wash away with rain and is strong enough to withstand very heavy truck loads. According to the company, the product has been extensively tested to determine that it is safe for the environment, safe for workers handling the product, and non-corrosive to vehicles and equipment applying the product and traveling on it after application. It is distributed through Genesis Soils Products.

Finger-operated joystick controller

J.R. Merritt designed its new FSI finger-operated joystick controller to be compact and lightweight. The single-axis, Hall-effect joystick features a 2.2-inch actuator height and glass-filled Zytel housing. Additional features include moisture-resistant, non-ferrous components and conformal-coated electronics for durability; and an extension-style spring return for smooth, precise operations. The controller is sealed to IP55 and meets or exceeds CE EMC requirements. An optional boot sealed to IP66 is available. Other options include a 2.6-inch actuator height, friction brake, step detent, 7-30V input, redundant output, and low power consumption.

Maintenance-free lubrication

Baldor Electric Co. says its pre-lubricated Grid-Lign coupling’s maintenance-free, lubed-for-life design eliminates the time and expense associated with preventive maintenance. Interchangeable with existing grids, hubs, and covers, this product is easy to install and eliminates unexpected downtime associated with improper coupling lubrication. Its environmentally friendly design features high-performance synthetic oil impregnated into a polymer shell that encapsulates the grid element. The polymer shell allows lubrication throughout the life of the coupling. The polymer acts as a reservoir for the oil, preventing contamination during installation.

Eliminates need for manual lubrication

The SKF hydraulic driven lubricator automatically lubricates attachments using an integrated pump driven by the hydraulic oil itself, eliminating the need for manual lubrication. The pump’s drive is provided by its drive piston, which is pressurized on an alternating basis by the machine’s hydraulic circuit via a hydraulic changeover valve. The piston performs either in a suction or delivery phase as long as the machine and/or attachment is in operation. The result is that the pump feeds the right lubricant in the right amount at the right time, says the company. Delivery rates can be adjusted or reset to meet operating requirements. The lubricator installs directly on the attachment.


Damage-resistant illumination

Two new blasting lights from Larson Electronics combine advanced LED technology with rugged, heavy-duty construction to create a light capable of withstanding damaging blast conditions. The Magnalight BL-70 LED magnetic mount blasting light (shown) produces 6,020 lumens and comes with an inline transformer for operation with standard 120 to 277V AC current. It also runs on 9 to 46V DC power without the transformer. Its magnetic mounting base provides easy placement of the light on any metallic surface. The Magnalight BL40-LED blasting light produces 7,200 lumens of intense light, is waterproof to 3 meters, corrosion resistant, available in spot or flood configuration, and can be operated with voltages ranging from 9 to 46V.

3D navigation system

Sandvik says its new 3D navigation system for surface drilling, uses satellite navigation to guide the starting point and correct course of drilling, in accordance with the drilling plan. The TIM3D consists of three essential operations — rig navigation, feed alignment, and drilling. The system is said to improve hole quality and hole position accuracy, resulting in better fragmentation and decreased boulders and fines. The system also eliminates the need for surveying and any hole marks, reducing the risk for marking errors and speeding up production. The system is based on multi-satellite RTK GNSS navigation and is compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellite systems. During drilling, the operator can follow the penetration rate and hole depth, distance to target, number of required holes, and current alignment. Drilling stops automatically at the target depth. Drilling data — quality report, position and depth of the holes, drilling time, and start and end points — are stored in the system memory, where it can be imported to various programs. The system is available for Sandvik Dpi and DX series surface top hammer drill rigs.

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