RollOuts March 2011

Brooke Wisdom

March 4, 2011

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor

Quicker cycle times

Case Construction Equipment says its new F Series wheel loaders provide faster acceleration, quicker cycle times, and higher speeds while delivering as much as 17 percent greater fuel efficiency. The new 721F, 821F, and 921F feature a 6.7-liter, Tier 4 Interim-certified engine, rated at 179, 211, and 242 horsepower, respectively. An optional, five-speed transmission with lockup torque converter, open differential axles, and advanced system programming is said to provide an 8-percent increase in fuel savings over comparable four-speed transmission models. Standard limited-slip front and rear axles provide traction in all conditions.

The 921F with 4.75-cubic-yard bucket is a new size class for Case, offering greater tipping load weight and bucket breakout force relative to its payload. The 721F and 821F offer a 3.25- and 4.25-cubic-yard bucket, respectively.

The cab provides an unobstructed view to both edges of the bucket or attachment, and features a wide window and sloping hood for clear vision to the rear. An optional rearview, wide-angle camera nearly eliminates blind spots, according to the company. Additional features include ergonomically placed controls and a heated cloth seat with seven adjustment modes.

More power, fuel efficiency

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new F-Series articulated haulers are equipped with the company’s D11 (A25F, A30F), D13 (A35F), and D16 (A40F) Tier 4i engines featuring Volvo Combustion Technology (V-ACT), which the company says improves fuel efficiency, reduces noise levels, and increases engine life. The A25F and A30F feature a power increase of 5 percent and 20 percent more torque; the A35F features an increase of 5 percent horsepower and 12 percent torque; and the A40F features a 6.1 power-to-weight ratio. The hauler’s Automatic Traction Control (ATC) selects fuel-saving 6×4 drive and only engages 6×6 drive when necessary. An electro-hydraulic dump lever allows in-cab adjustments of dump body heights. The fully hydraulic dry disc brake system helps control speed while hauling downhill and turning into curves or crossroads. A front hydraulic suspension helps enhance operator efficiency and comfort. The Volvo Care Cab provides a roomy operating environment.

Modular rail scales

Alliance Scale, Inc. says its new line of low-profile, pit-less, high-capacity, modular railroad track scales are less expensive to build and install than conventional pit-style railway scales. The platforms on the Alliance/Rice Lake Survivor PL Railroad Track Scale modules are available in 12-foot, 6-inch, 15-foot, and 18-foot lengths, are 7 feet, 8 inches wide, and 18.5 inches high for weighing loads up to 170 tons. The scales feature wide flange I-beam construction, heavy weighbridges, and high span deflection ratios.

Reduced operating costs

Caterpillar says its new D6T, D7E, and D8T track-type tractors deliver reduced emissions, higher productivity, and lower operating costs. All three models feature Cat engine and after-treatment solutions to meet Tier 4 Interim emissions standards — the D6T and D7E use the Cat C9.3 ACERT engine and the D8T uses the Cat C15 ACERT engine with net horsepower ratings of 205, 235, and 310, respectively. The models also offer an optional Key Off Regeneration, as well as a delayed engine shutdown timer and an engine idle shutdown timer. Ground-level service centers provide access to battery disconnect and engine shutdown switches, as well as optional lighting switches without having to set foot on the machine. Cat Product Link allows remote monitoring of the tractors.

The company says the D6T’s hydraulically driven demand fan operates only when necessary, working in concert with an all-new cooling package and advanced electronic engine controls to deliver fuel savings of as much as 6 percent. The D7E features a diesel/electric drive system for greater efficiency and productivity and is said to lower operating costs by as much as 10 percent. The D8T features differential steering for infinitely variable turning control with full power to both tracks, a suspended undercarriage for improved traction in uneven terrain, and the new Auto-Shift system that reduces fuel consumption by as much as 6 percent.

Increased fuel efficiency, productivity

Case Construction Equipment’s new CX250C, CX300C, and CX350C excavators feature Tier 4 Interim-certified cooled exhaust gas recirculation technology and deliver 177, 207, and 266 net horsepower, respectively. The new Intelligent Hydraulic System technology is said to reduce total fuel consumption and improve performance. Swing Relief Control technology manages the hydraulic power allotted at the start of the swing operation, and Spool Stroke Control creates an automatic pressure adjustment during digging operations.

The new C Series excavators replace the B Series and offer up to 6 percent more lift capacity and operating weights of 55,400, 65,900, and 80,000 pounds, respectively. A rearview camera feeds video to a 7-inch LED monitor to expand the operator’s view around the machine. The C Series also includes a standard air-suspension seat and an in-cab auxiliary hydraulic setting system with a new option for 10 memory-recall settings to make tool changes quick and easy for operators.

Fleet management solution

Trimble’s new TrimFleet 6 suite is an enhanced version of its productivity and automated fleet management solution for the construction supply market. The company says it provides real-time vehicle location and automatic status information, driver-to-dispatcher communications, integration with leading dispatch and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, as well as real-time alerts and exception reporting. Features include mini maps to track vehicles, single sign-on to eliminate managing multiple usernames, transient assets that share real-time asset visibility with other external TrimFleet customers, and e-mail alerts.

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