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March 1, 2013

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

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By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor



diesel-electric-ploaUntitled-1Diesel/electric hybrid

see-it-aUntitled-1John Deere says its new 644K hybrid wheel loader, which will be on display at AGG1, uses diesel and electric power and captures regenerated energy as it is created to use in powering the machine. The loader features a 229-horsepower John Deere PowerTech 6.8-liter IT4 engine that runs at an operator-selected constant speed from 900 to 1,800 rpm. The company says the engine’s constant operating speed maintains continuous hydraulic flow at all times to deliver crisp hydraulic responsiveness and reduce cycle times; the electric motor delivers torque resulting in fluid operation and a smooth ride. A PowerShift, countershaft-style transmission maintains smooth shifting. The machine has four operating speed ranges, but no reverse gear or clutches, as direction changes are performed by the electric motor. An integrated, spring-applied, hydraulically released wet-disc park brake is said to require less maintenance.

Deere & Co. | | Booth 2328




low-capital-costUntitled-1Low capital cost

see-it-aUntitled-1Sandvik will launch its new CI521 impact crusher at AGG1. The crusher is part of the new Prisec CI5xx series of horizontal shaft impact crushers, which the company says provides customers with a low capital cost solution, optimum performance, good cubical shape, and the lowest operating cost per ton. The patented crusher range was developed in response to customer demands, combining the ability to configure one stationary crusher into either a primary or secondary configuration, making it adaptable to a variety of applications.

Sandvik Construction | | Booth 3061




self-suppotingUntitled-1Self-supporting covers

see-it-aUntitled-1Superior Industries plans to showcase its new heavy-duty conveyor belt covers at AGG1. The covers feature strong, 22-gauge, corrugated-steel construction that is folded at the edge to nearly double the strength at that crucial point of stress. The corrugated design makes the covers self-supporting, benefitting installation and maintenance efforts by removing the need for additional supports. Installation is not dependent on the location of an idler frame, so owners can attach the covers with self-tapping screws at any point along the length of a conveyor’s structure. The covers are available in standard sizes up to 60 inches wide; in lengths of 41.88 inches; and in styles of full, half, and three-quarter coverage. Custom designs are available upon customer request. Galvanized steel is standard, but other materials are available, including reinforced polyester, stainless steel, aluminum, and fiberglass.

Superior Industries, North America | | Booth 1134



custom-built-dredgesUntitled-1Custom-built dredges

see-it-aUntitled-1Rohr-Idreco will highlight its expanded line of dredges at AGG1, which now includes Jet Assist Suction and Cutterhead catamaran-style dredges. The electric jet assist, 16-foot dredge pictured offers the company’s energy-efficient and wear-resistant underwater pump and electric motor, a digging depth of 90 feet, a production capacity of 600+ tons per hour, and a Rohr-Idreco booster pump to convey material up to 5,500 feet. The jet head produces a force of more than 250 psi, allowing it to penetrate and break up difficult clay and conglomerate layers in the deposits. The dredge is equipped with the company’s Dredge Control System and Dredge GPS, which allows the operator to optimize productivity and remove all usable material. The dredge can be run remotely or with a single operator.

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems | | Booth 2769




high-definitionUntitled-1High-definition display

see-it-aUntitled-1RMT Equipment plans to showcase its newly upgraded VEI Millennium 5 and Helper X loader scales at AGG1. The models are now equipped with new high-definition color displays to improve visibility in any angle and light condition. A new, removable Vprint ultra-fast thermal printer can be located underneath the monitor or anywhere in the cab. Customers can start with the entry level VEI Millennium 5 and upgrade to the advanced Helper X model as their needs grow in the future.

RMT Equipment Inc. | | Booth 3147




protects-fromUntitled-1Protects from impact damage

see-it-aUntitled-1Ascgo says its impact bed cradles, which will be on display at AGG1, are designed to protect conveyor belts from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts, or bucket teeth. The modular-style beds provide impact protection for the conveyor belt, as well as a tool to help control spillage in the conveyor loading zone. The cradles support the conveyor belt across its entire width using a semi-U-shaped design that eliminates any unsupported areas between the rollers or bars where damage can occur in the idler junction points. The impact bed cradles consist of a heavy-duty frame with removable sides, and center sections for ease of installation and maintenance.

Asgco | | Booth 2820



fjully-inde;pentUntitled-1Fully independent pre-screen

Powerscreen says its new XH320X impact crusher was developed with a fully independent, hydraulically driven pre-screen, which improves fines removal and reduces chamber wear costs for the customer. A hydraulically folding extended side conveyor with a stockpile height of about 12 feet has been added to the machine. The hopper capacity has been increased by the addition of hopper extensions, which also can be hydraulically folded for transport. The new hopper design incorporates hydraulic locking pins for rapid set-up time and removes the need for manual wedges. The unit has a full-length product conveyor with optional under-pan feeder for recycling applications. An optional extended, hydraulically folding product conveyor increases stockpile height to slightly more than 13 feet.

Powerscreen |



high-stockpileUntitled-1High stockpile capacity

Metso says its two new mobile conveyors — the track-mounted Lokotrack CT3.2 and the wheel-mounted Lokotrack CW3.2 — are specifically designed for applications that require high stockpile capacity and superior material transfer capabilities. The tracked CT3.2 (pictured) features a hydraulic drive system with variable speed control for regulating feed and maximizing fuel efficiency. The wheeled CW3.2 has a hydraulic coupled drive that can be operated from the crusher or screen without the need for an external power source. Both feature a rugged frame, centrally located remote greasing for head and foot bearings, and excellent mobility. They can be repositioned while fully elevated, and can be linked with other Lokotrack mobile crushing and screening plants.

Metso Minerals Industries, Inc. |



high-capacity-scalper1High-capacity scalper

IRock says its new TS-516 high-capacity scalper is the largest of five tracked screener units designed to be used in a primary crusher circuit and is versatile enough to handle sticky clay and topsoil. It is powered by a 129-horsepower Caterpillar C4.4 engine and is capable of processing materials at a rate of up to 570 tons per hour. The equipment can be folded and loaded onto a truck or trailer for easy transport. The scalper features an 11.7-cubic-yard hopper and 157 square feet of screening area with a 16-foot by 5-foot top deck and a 15-foot, 4-inch by 5-foot bottom deck. This design allows users to produce and sort products in up to three different sizes, and the decks can be interchanged so customers have more control over end-product size. The scalper also features a 63-inch oversize conveyor to accommodate higher tonnages and alleviate the potential for congestion.

IRock Crushers |



carbon-free-loaderUntitled-1Carbon-free loader

Atlas Copco’s new electric Scooptram EST1030 underground loader offers an alternative to diesel equipment in underground mining. The electric loader uses about 40 percent less energy, produces 40 percent less heat during general operation, and has a lower noise level than an equivalent diesel version. The EST1030 introduces a new, patented cable control system that minimizes cable tension, as well as cable wear. It is easy to operate — all controls are the same as in a diesel version, so operators require minimum training. Key safety features include spring-applied, hydraulically released brakes, and a ROPS/FOPS-approved cabin with increased leg room and ergonomic control placements. The cabin has rubber mounts to reduce vibrations.

Atlas Copco Underground Rock Excavation |




water-deliveryUntitled-1Water delivery system

Caterpillar’s new water delivery system is configured for the bare chassis of a 777G off-highway truck. As an optional attachment, when ordered, the system includes a unique cab configuration with factory-installed controls, programmable dash display, and torque converter pump drive. It uses a self-contained hydraulic system to control spray patterns and allow for a consistent spray width regardless of engine rpm. The water delivery system is capable of spraying up to 1,200 gallons per minute at speeds ranging from 3 to 25 miles per hour. System controls include a programmable display monitor, keypad, and water cannon joystick that can be customized with a keypad that is backlit for nighttime operation. System functionality includes automatic shutoff when the tank is empty, soft pump startup and shutdown, self-cleaning spray heads, customizable spray patterns, automatic start/stop based on ground speed, side spray shutoff for oncoming traffic, and remote tank fill controls.

Caterpillar Inc. |


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