Rollouts March 2014


March 6, 2014

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.


by Therese Dunphy, Editor-in-Chief


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aggregates-dutyUntitled-1Aggregates duty loader

Case Construction Equipment introduces the Case 1221F wheel loader, the newest and largest model in the company’s F Series wheel loader line. Designed with an 11.9-liter Tier 4i engine that delivers up to 355 horsepower, the unit is built for aggregates and mining applications. Enhancements to the engine and transmission at maximum travel speed allow for increases to productivity of at least 18 percent and fuel efficiency of at least 8 percent. The unit is powered by a cooled exhaust gas recirculation engine with diesel oxidation catalyst and diesel particulate filter for clean burning power and more torque than prior models. The wheel loader has an operating weight of 66,800 pounds, with buckets ranging from 6.3 to 7.8 cubic yards. With a 6.8-cubic-yard bucket, the breakout force with tilt cylinder is 55,730 pounds. The machine is available with Z-bar and extended reach configurations. Four programmable power modes save fuel and increase available power. A standard four-speed transmission with manual kickdown offers maximum traction, as well as superior bucket penetration.

Baldor |


high-volumeUntitled-1High-volume, mine-duty screen

Deister Machine Co. rolls out its BFO-11224-EX2 Mine-Duty Screen. Offering the next generation in machine size and production output, the 12-foot by 24-foot, horizontal, single-deck unit is said to deliver day-to-day reliability and high-volume capacities in a variety of hard rock mining and mineral processing applications. The unit features the new Deister EX Series of geared exciters, which are designed to create the force output required to drive large screens. Geared exciters feature all-steel components, specially-coated bearing inner races to deter wear on shafts, and shafts that are case-hardened and ground for minimal wear.

Deister Machine Co. |



tier-4iUntitled-1Tier 4i excavator

Komatsu America Corp.’s PC170LC-10 excavator, with operating weights ranging from 38,100 to 41,5600 pounds, joins its dash-10 series. The excavator is said to improve performance with up to 5 percent more lift capacity with the standard counterweight, while an optional heavier counterweight offers up to 15 percent more lift capacity than the previous model. The unit offers a net 115 horsepower at 2,100 rpm, but is 10 percent more fuel efficient than its predecessor. All of the system’s major components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu, and the integrated design employs a closed center load-sensing hydraulic system that offers efficiency by using both variable speed matching and low speed matching technology. Enhanced working modes are designed to match engine speed, pump delivery, and system pressure to the application. The SAA4D107E-2 engine provides lower emissions and reduces fuel consumption.

Komatsu America Corp. |


Improved sand tank controls

Eagle Iron Works’ new Mark VI controls are said to improve the accuracy and simplicity of the calibration process and enable quick and easy adjustments. In under a minute, the system can recalibrate products. It also remembers specific product calibrations, allowing it to switch back and forth automatically as the feed changes. The number of products that can be simultaneously produced has increased to five products, and the system can have a different percent retained, percent passing, or cumulative percent retained for each product. It will also predict the tons per hour of each product and the total feed coming to the classifying tank, as well as maintaining daily tonnage accumulators. After it brings a product within specification, the controls make sure the fineness modulus of the product falls within a specified minimum/maximum range.

Eagle Iron Works |


upgradedUntitled-1Upgraded off-highway trucks

The new Cat 770G and 772G off-highway trucks were redesigned with major advancements in emission technology, transmission, and traction control systems; frame, drive-train, and cooling system enhancements; added operator amenities; and serviceability improvements. Available in Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 Final configurations, the engines can be programmed to achieve the customer’s specific fuel economy goals. Two programmable modes are available, Economy and Adaptive Economy, while a new auto neutral idle feature automatically places the transmission in neutral gear after the brake is applied for more than 15 seconds while in a forward gear. A new transmission control system, Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS), offers improved shift quality, faster acceleration, better speed on grade, and faster cycle times. Also new is a four-post ROPS/FOPS structure that is integral to the cab, and the cab is resiliently mounted to the frame to dampen sound and vibration. Operator safety is enhanced with handrails, lighting, and a low-effort stair step system. Both trucks come standard with VIMS 3G, Cat’s Vital Information Management System, Truck Production Management System (TPMS), TMPH (Ton Mile Per Hour) / TKPH (Tonne Kilometer Per Hour) tire management system, and Product Link.



770G 772G

Engine Cat C15 Cat C18

Net power, hp 477 550

Peak torque, lb ft 1,711 1,988

Gross operating weight 157,000 pounds 181,000 pounds

Nominal payload, metric tons 40 52

Body capacity, cubic yards 33.9 40.8

Top speed (mph), loaded 45.7 49.2

Caterpillar |


telescopingUntitled-1Telescoping stacker

A new 170-foot long SuperStacker, from KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens, is the company’s latest model of telescoping stackers designed to minimize stockpile segregation and increase stockpile capacity. The new system is an addition to the new generation SuperStacker product line, which eliminates the echain, reducing field maintenance. It also features an updated Wizard Touch automation control system.

KPI-JCI and Astec Mobile Screens |


Side dump bucket

The JRB side dump bucket, from Paladin Attachments, is designed to give wheel loader operators more flexibility than a standard bucket can offer in construction applications. It can dump from many angles, making it ideal for confined or hard-to-maneuver areas. One side of the bucket is shaped like a standard bucket to hold material while the other side has a 45-degree side-shoot dumping angle that allows for full side dumping. The bucket carries up to 4 cubic yards and is available in left- and right-hand dump functions. It features the JRB sequence valve that locks and unlocks the bucket cradle and side dump function to enhance safety and control during transportation and placement.

Paladin Attachments |






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