RollOuts November 2010

Brooke Wisdom

November 9, 2010

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.

By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Custom-engineered crushing

Telsmith says its new H2238 Hydra-Jaw Series crusher reduces operating costs through a hydraulic toggle system that features a heavy-duty, custom-engineered, hydraulic cylinder. The company says the unit’s hydraulic adjustment, relief, and clearing systems eliminate costly downtime and prevent component damage, while also protecting workers. The crusher is engineered with a Pitman Lockout Pin that locks the Pitman in the forward position, allowing the toggle to be retracted and lowered away for maintenance in one safe, simple operation. The unit features a 22- by 38-inch jaw opening and is said to be easy to install on wheeled or tracked mobile units.

More horsepower, lower costs

Komatsu says its new WA1200-6 wheel loader was designed with environmental, technological, and ergonomic enhancements for greater productivity, while lowering operating costs. The machine is powered by a Komatsu SAADA16V160E-2 engine that delivers 1,892 gross horsepower at 1,800 revolutions per minute (rpm), yet offers increased fuel efficiency.

Features include an operating weight of 477,100 pounds; a dual-mode active working hydraulic system, allowing the operator to select between normal and powerful loading; an engine rpm control system with auto deceleration that allows the operator to set the engine rpm at the optimum work performance level and control speed smoothly with the accelerator; and an additional torque converter cooler that reduces oil temperature and increases cooling capacity.

Heavy-duty weighing

Cardinal Scale has two new truck scales on the market — the SRC Guardian and the Yukon. The concrete deck of the full-platform SRC Guardian scale (right) is installed flush with the ground surface for easy access. Its hydraulic load cells are said to be invulnerable to common truck scale problems such as lightning damage, electrical surges, water damage, and rodent damage.

The Yukon scale is designed specifically for mining and off-road vehicle weighing, featuring a 150-ton capacity with high 70-ton concentrated load capacity. The scale is available in impervious hydraulic or electronic scale types and features extra-wide 12-, 14-, and 16-foot scale platforms.

Cantilever conveyor

TCI Manufacturing’s new 100-foot cantilever conveyor has the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees and will stockpile 60,000 tons of material in a 270-degree stockpile. Its axle assembly consists of three axles around a center pivot point that includes 12 tires with dual power drive assemblies. The unit features walkways along both sides of the conveyor for safety.

Updated loader/backhoe line

Case Construction introduced four new N Series loader/backhoe models — the 580N, 580 Super N, 580 Super N Wide Track, and 590 Super N — which replace the company’s M Series 3 machines. The machines feature 4.5-liter, turbocharged engines ranging from 79 horsepower to 108 horsepower, respectively. The company describes the N Series as “stronger everywhere,” touting increases in backhoe breakout force and lift, along with increased loader breakout force, lift, and reach.

Additional features include:

• Improved visibility and operator comfort;

• A new Power Lift that channels hydraulic power directly to the boom with the touch of a button, increasing lift capacity by as much as 39 percent;

• Stronger and longer loader arms for increased breakout and lift capabilities;

• A choice of three transmissions — Powershift S-Type and Powershift H-Type that offer four forward and three reverse gears, and Powershuttle that offers four forward and four reverse gears; and

• A new side lighting package that illuminates the entire perimeter of the machine.

Low-profile, high-capacity scales

Mettler Toledo says its two new scales — the VTC221 and the VTS231 — incorporate the newly released Powercell PDX load cell network. According to the company, the VTC221 concrete deck scale combines a concrete driving surface with an orthotropic understructure found in steel deck scales for extra strength; the VTS231 steel deck scale is supported by sealed orthotropic ribs, which eliminate the potential for rusting from the inside and distribute concentrated loads better than I-beam designs. Both scales feature a low-profile design; 100,000-pound concentrated load capacity; gross load cell capacity of over 800,000 pounds; onboard diagnostic capabilities; lightning protection; and a 5-year warranty on parts, labor, and travel.

Manufacturer markets lubricants

This year, Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. began marketing and distributing its own line of lubricant products, Hyundai Lubricants. The initial line of available lubricants includes engine oil, gear oil, and grease, with plans to expand the line by 2011.


Multi pick-up coupler

The JRB Multi Pick-Up Coupler, by Paladin Construction Group, was designed to work with attachments such as JRB 416, JRB ISO, John Deere 416, John Deere Hi-Viz, Volvo, JCB, and other ISO front-end wheel loader attachments. Its two-cylinder design accommodates quick-hitch style attachments, allowing an operator to switch from a bucket to a boom, forklift, or other attachment without leaving the cab or requiring assistance.


Long-lasting cleaning blade

Martin Engineering says its new cleaning blade for use on vulcanized conveyor belts features a special polyurethane blend and tungsten carbide tip to deliver up to two to three times longer life than conventional urethane blades. The company says the QC #1 MT Pre-Cleaner maintains consistent tension without frequent adjustment, requiring re-tensioning just twice a year in most applications. The blade was developed specifically for vulcanized belts with no mechanical splices and boasts belt speed capacities of up to 900 feet per minute. The blade is suitable for use on any type of material.

Pump innovations

Thompson Pump says its new OVT (oil-less vacuum technology) priming system, Compact pump series, and advanced Silent Knights offer revolutionary pump innovations. The OVT priming system (left) is said to offer multiple improvements over traditional vacuum priming systems — faster automatic priming, non-contacting rotors that eliminate internal wear, a dry-running system that requires no oil recirculation, and suction lifts of 28.4 inches Hg.

The company says its Compact pump series features a smaller compact size, lighter weight, fewer parts, less maintenance, and a lower price. The advanced Silent Knight has reduced noise levels by 3 to 6 dBA and features additional space inside the main compartment, a hinged pop-up roof, a plug-in float connection, an auto-start buzzer, a flashing beacon light, and a muffler mounted inside a separate front compartment.

Automated temperature monitoring

Axcess International says its new Dot MicroWireless-based IDs enhance location-based security monitoring, asset protection, workforce optimization, and safety capabilities such as “man-down” condition monitoring. The unit constantly monitors the ambient temperature in the workplace and automatically alerts users to dangerous temperature conditions.

Hydraulic torque wrench pump

TorcUP says its SV1000 hydraulic torque wrench pump is a perfect synthesis of continuous speed ratcheting and power torque. The pump is an upgrade to the EP1000, integrating a new style roll cage and different gauge setup. Its built-in circuitry allows the operator to choose the tool that will be used and the pump will automatically adjust the timing to that tool.

Specially designed pallet forks

New Holland Construction’s new pallet forks were specially designed for use with the company’s skid steers and compact track loaders. The assemblies are available with either 48- or 42-inch tines, with a choice of 5,500- or 4,000-pound-rated tine sets. The frame’s mounting angle ensures forward tilt for load pick-up and rollback for transporting loads.

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