Rollouts November 2012


November 1, 2012

Your complete guide to new and updated equipment and supplies in the aggregates industry.


By Kerry Clines, Senior Editor


Tier 4 Final engines

MTU’s new Tier 4 Final diesel engines were developed to meet EPA standards without the use of exhaust gas after-treatment in engines above 750 horsepower and no diesel particulate filter at any horsepower. The 2000 and 4000 Series engines are used in mining and construction applications. The Series 2000, a family of 12- and 16-cylinder V-engines with power ratings from 760 to 1,560 horsepower, is said to deliver up to 10 percent better fuel economy and have extended exchange intervals for major components such as injectors and high-pressure pumps. The engines combine four key technologies, including the following:

• Cooled high-pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), • Common rail fuel injection, and

• Regulated two-stage turbocharging, • Advanced diesel engine controller (ADEC).


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Next generation crushing technology

Sandvik Mining says its new Vibrocone crusher is the next generation of crushing technology, combining the best of conventional crushing and grinding principles to produce a finely crushed product, while enabling up to 30-percent energy savings in downstream processing. It is said to open the possibility for new eco-efficient crushing alternatives. In existing crushing circuits with rod and/or ball milling stages, it can replace the rod mills or act as pre-grinding units for the ball mills.

Sandvik Mining;

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Ultra-fines recovery

Deister Machine Co.’s new ultra-fines recovery system (UFR) is designed to recover ultra-fine sands and silts, allowing operations to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of settling ponds. The system is capable of recoveries to 350-400 mesh at feed capacities from 1,500 to 3,500 gallons per minute. It uses a radial distribution manifold for even distribution of solids to all cyclones. The reverse-slope vibrating screen is available in sizes up to 7 feet wide and 12 feet long with solids capacities of up to 70 tons per hour. System cyclones are available with a variety of liner and body materials. A sloped bottom plate promotes even solids flow to the pump inlet and an automatically adjusted make-up water valve protects the pump.

Deister Machine Co.;

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Mine-duty crusher

Telsmith, Inc. says its new T900 cone crusher is engineered to deliver maximum uptime, productivity, safety, and ease of maintenance. Output capacity ranges from 550 to 2,100 metric tons per hour. With up to a 15-inch feed size, the crusher is said to be rated with the largest-in-class clearing stroke, the highest-in-class crushing force, and 900-horsepower performance. The crusher is designed with eight cylinders and offers a new, patent-pending anti-spin feature that prevents head spin to extend manganese life. The unit is nitrogen-free and engineered with a patented release system that eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive hydraulic accumulators.

Telsmith, Inc.;

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Hybrid-style crusher

McLanahan’s new rocker tooth crusher is a hybrid style of crusher — kind of a cross between a hammermill and a single-roll crusher with pivoting teeth. It is a high-tonnage machine capable of a large crushing ration in a single crushing station. The crushing hammers are designed to be larger and heavier than in a hammermill, while incorporating a semi-fixed “rocking” design that allows processing of larger lumps of feed material. Special design features include an oversized, heavy-duty upper and lower enclosure; a heavy-duty, wear-resistant liner package; rocking hammers; special wear-resistant hammer metallurgy; a wear-resistant, perforated-plate crushing deck; and an optional v-belt drive package or direct-coupled drive package.

McLanahan Corp.;

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First in its class

Atlas Copco says its new SB 702 hydraulic breaker features a solid body, which no other breaker in the 700 kg class has. Its percussion mechanism and guide system are integrated into a single block of steel, eliminating the need for side bolts and making it compact and easy to handle. The integrated, maintenance-free accumulator is easily accessible, yet well protected. The unit can be installed on a broad variety of carriers. Double tool retainer bars minimize stress and wear on the working tools.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools;

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Reduces drill cycle time

Caterpillar’s new MD5150 track drill features a customer-inspired design that drills holes up to 6 inches in diameter. The unit incorporates a rock drill, patented carousel rod changer, new cab, and many other features. The carousel rod changer holds six rods and accommodates multiple lengths and diameters of drill steel. Powerful dual-rod grippers and a unique gate design let the rod and gate move simultaneously, reducing cycle time. The rod changer is supported by a sturdy feed and heavy-duty 8-foot boom that extends to 11 feet for larger pattern coverage with fewer setups. Holes can be drilled within 24 inches of the highwall.

Caterpillar Inc.;

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Controlled-flow technology

Flexco designs material transfer chutes using Tasman Warajay Technology. The controlled-flow technology improves throughput and conveyor belt life, and reduces excessive dust, spillage, plugging, downtime, belt wear, material degradation, and noise. Each material transfer system is designed to control the flow of material by keeping it in a continuous stream throughout the transfer. Material discharged from the system is deposited softly and uniformly at a predetermined velocity and direction on the receiving belt so the material settles rapidly and without turbulence.


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Excavator transport system

Sleipner’s innovative system for transporting tracked excavators in open-pit mines and quarries is essentially a dolly system consisting of ramps with axles and large wheels. One end of the excavator’s tracks is driven onto the ramps so that the tracks are lifted from the ground. Then the excavator turns around and places the boom on the bed of a dump truck so that the other end is raised from the ground by the boom. The excavator can then be easily and quickly moved to another location, reducing wear on the excavator’s undercarriage and tracks. There are 11 models covering excavator weights from 30 to more than 550 tons. Most models incorporate different ramp sizes to fit different excavator brands and models. The newest model, E550, is the largest and can move 550-ton and larger excavators.

Sleipner Finland Oy;

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Double-eccentric screening

W.S. Tyler says the new 10-foot-wide version of its F-Class vibrating screen offers the only double-eccentric screening solution for challenging applications that require minimal vibration. This allows the use of multiple machines within the same building or structure without the same reinforcing measures required to house traditional vibrating screens. The company says the screen also keeps screen openings clean, making it possible to process sticky material. The screen follows a tandem design — two completely new modules measuring 10 feet by 12 feet and 10 feet by 16 feet were engineered. In tandem design, the screens can be configured and operated at variable speeds and with different angles of inclination between the modules, creating a banana-type effect.

W.S. Tyler;

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Designed for harsh conditions

Weir Minerals says its new line of Multiflo dewatering pumps can be modified to handle the largest open-mine pits with the harshest water conditions. According to the company, two of the units — the MF-90V high-flow pump and the MF210MV high-head pump — can be custom built to suit any mine-specific application, ensuring top performance and improving productivity. The pumps are built from corrosion- and wear-resistant materials.

Weir Minerals;

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High-pressure grinding

Metso Mining and Construction says it incorporated several key innovations to increase throughput and decrease total cost of operation in its new HRC crusher, which uses high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) technology. Its patented arch-frame creates an even gap setting across the width of the tires, limiting skewing that can result in downtime. This prevents damage to the roller bearings caused by misalignment. Flanges, used in place of spring-loaded cheek plates, keep material within the crushing zone and prevent material from bypassing the tires, which is said to enable greater circuit capacity and increase overall crushing efficiency.

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Hard-rock bodies

Philippi-Hagenbuch says its new HiVol Hard Rock/Ore Bodies take hauling hard rock and ore to an innovative new level. The bodies are designed to easily handle highly abrasive material while minimizing carryback and maintenance requirements. The reduced-weight design is said to keep operators comfortable while allowing trucks to haul at maximum capacities. Each truck body is customized to the individual mine’s application and specifications.

Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.;

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Safer, longer lasting

Michelin says its new XMine D2 multi-purpose tire features integrated B2 technology, which makes it safer and longer lasting. Its load capacity rating was increased to two stars, which means its load capacity has increased by up to 24 percent. B2 technology strengthens the bead area and eliminates the problems of tires shifting on the rim. This enhances traction and productivity, while energy consumption and CO2 emissions are lowered. Up to 20 percent additional engine torque can be transmitted to the ground, potentially doubling the tire’s life. The tires are available in sizes 26.5 R 25, 29.5 R 25, 29.5 R 29, and 35/65 R 33 and can be mounted on standard rims using a traditional mounting.


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Reduces rebuild time

GIW Industries says its new hydrocyclone design reduces rebuild time by as much as 75 percent. The unit’s straightforward tie-bolt and clamp design is easy to install and maintain. Seven fasteners are all that are needed for a complete rebuild. A twist-to-lock option simplifies apex removal and service, and drop-in glue-free liners reduce build time. Tongue and groove mating surfaces foster precision alignment. Long-lasting urethane and ceramic cones and powder-coated steel construction resist corrosion and damage. By adding weep holes for early wear detection, customers can virtually eliminate unplanned outages. The unit is available in eight sizes ranging from 2.5 to 33 inches. GIW Industries, Inc.;

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